Don't Forget To Knit Awesome!

Knitting our collective way out of a paper bag since 2011

Breaking Into The Outside World

Today is the first day of the rest of my projects.  Or some such monumental words.  Today, I’m revealing “Don’t Forget To Knit Awesome,” or “DFTKA,”  to the world, and any assorted aliens searching related items on the interwebs.  I will be tossing out an amazing FB and Twitter as well.  Let’s get to

A little about DFTKA:  As a brand DFTKA will be dedicated to unique designs that invoke awesome in it’s knittiest forms.    Whether form veiled references or completely original designs,  the aim to make someone geek out.  Currently, designs are underway for a number of garments, and a few bags.  Upcycling and frogging, as well as some found objects, will feature heavily in designs.

Some about this blog: In this fine eloquent of work, I will be updating readers on progress, projects, and personal observations/thoughts.  Randomly,  I’ll throw up consumer driven design poles, or basically tell you guys to tell me what to tell you what to knit/ crochet.   Links and ramblings will also be featured fairly often.

I’m keeping this one short, figuring that almost NO ONE will be reading this before I post patterns, so I’ll feature about me tomorrow.  Possibly throw out a book review.

Battle Axes,


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