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The Geek in Charge

Today, I’d thought I’d delve a bit into who I am, and why I’ve started the brand.  I’m GL, and it’s nice to meet you.  (All absolutely no readers I’ve got right now lol)  I started knitting a couple years ago, and I quickly started to design my own style of garments and accessories.   Soon, I was delving into recycled yarns made of t shirts or caution tape, and found my groove.  Cargo pajama pants, caution tape bags, biking sweaters with nose and mouth warmers built in (and caution tape shoulder pads to prevent wearing on the yarn,) and a host of items related to the shows, movies, heroes, and books I love.

Then, after enough assurances that my designs were awesome and that my friend totally needed one, like right freaking now,  I decided to branch into a brand.  And that’s where we are now.  Soon, after we see some traffic, I will be posting a pattern for a little something to whet the appetite of the masses.    Why don’t you let me know what you guys would like in the comments!

Best Needles,

GL Blumenshine

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