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So, I’d be a weekends off, three days a week blogger, but we game on Fridays.  Wonderful, fantastic gaming.  With dice, adventures, and snarky remarks.  Characters who couldn’t possibly funtion as anything other than adventurers, and horrible fighting skills which we mock.    So, no Friday posts.  Sorry guys.

However, today I will mention that I’ve recently had an epiphany project idea.  A cardigan with epic involved.  Not an EpiCardigan.  Probably a HeroiCardigan.  With cables, and a fair bit color work.  And a  big shiny button.  I can’t wait to knit this.  And wear it during the like, six weeks it’s cold enough around here to wear knitted garments.  Speaking of which,  I need to devise a way in which I can take vacations to awesome, snowy, cold places as research for my garments.  Let me know if you have advice on that one lol.

And to tally the comments from last time, no one has given me any comments, so again the question put to you readers is (drum roll) What would you like to see me release as pattern to whet your appetites?  Something small, but I’ll make it special.  Because I love you guys, the x number of people who will read this post and reply to it.  You’re my favorites.  Just don’t tell anyone else.  It’ll hurt their feelings.

P.S. Monday will have a random feature, let’s get some content up in here.


G.L. Blumenshine

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