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I’ve got 99 problems, but a stitch ain’t one…

Wow.  Hard week.  Don’t get me wrong, some interesting and cool things have happened, but my dog of 12 years passed.  Really hard on me. That’s why I missed Wednesday’s post.  It would’ve been awesome to come back to some comments, but alas, not everything works for me immediately.  Regardless, I’ll soldier on like Winston Churchill told us to.

I’ve conceived of another pattern, this time for a really cool messenger bag.  It’ll be made for a specific person, and as such, it will only be adjustable from relaxed hanging to tight action ready status.  I’m looking forward to this, because a good bag to use as a on campus bag and biking bag rarely overlaps for me.  Ideally,  the entire knitting community will buy a pattern and I’ll be set for life, and have the freaking amazing prototype for myself, but whatever happens, will happen (mildly self assured, amused chuckle).

So, I’ve been cutting caffeine from my life lately, and in the past two weeks that has been shot down a lot. Between my summer class, and my not sleeping, I’ve desperately needed sweet Xenergy.  And now I’ve got to cold turkey this once again, and I’m not looking forward to the next couple of days.

And that’s about it for what’s happened to me lately,, so return to your real worlds and send your friends this way!

Have a better week than I did, for the rest of forever,

GL Blumenshine

P.S.  I’ll find a picture of my dragging my dog along in a wagon from a few months back for our random content Mondays next week.


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