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We got haboobed.

Yesterday, as the Twitters and whatnot may have revealed to you, we in AZ were haboobed.  Horribly, horribly haboobed.  Thrust into a universe of dust and horrible Mesa sewage smell, that left a layer of dirt and fallen tree branches in it’s wake.  In the middle of my wife and I moving out of our temporary apartment back into our new on, no less.  So, obviously, my initial reaction was to wonder what I can make for cool summer wear that also turns into a haboob protection garment.

We’re all moved back in now, but the place is a mess.   Because A) we’ve got a two year old and neither of us believe the floor isn’t an all encompassing shelf, and 2) we’re rearranging the whole place to make it neater and better organized.  Because the office says we have to.   But, I finally live in a house with lot’s of bookshelves.   I love that.  Eventually, my house will be all yarn, heroics, books, shelves, and adventures.  Also, globes.

In other, more actually related to this blog news,  I’m getting close to finishing up my first pattern for publishing.  I will put in Ravelry initially, then when I have a few of them, I will open an Etsy store for them as well.  Any suggestions?  I’d appreciate the input of my very few readers.

And to round things out, I’ll just mention that I have converted my friend into an avid comic reader.  The kind that drops a whole paycheck in one trip.  I pretty happy about it.  I think that and his new found hobby of whittling will enrich his life endlessly.  Also, he, up until recently, he hated comics.  I’m just that awesome.  Seriously, I am.  I also invented the word for zombie in ASL.


GL Blumenshine

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One thought on “We got haboobed.

  1. I love your style of writing! Also, kudos for turning an Arabic noun into a verb. I think a shawl would be perfect for summer wear. They’re light, but can provide protection from sand. But they’re also uber feminine.

    If you do end up making an Etsy account you could eventually advertise it on Ravelry. Ravelry is always giving me cool Etsy stores to check out.

    Good luck with your patterns!

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