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New lands, mostly. Well, kinda. Okay, new things happening in the same land as last week.

Hey there dear readers!  I just got my first comment for the blog.  How exciting.  It even had helpful advice and praise.  How inspiring. Thanks Ali!  And, last Wednesday, I had 20 whole readers. That was cool too.  Pretty exciting for  a blog written from my Mom’s couch while my two year old runs rampant around me. (I’ve trained him well.)

Another new idea of mine is that I’m choosing 30 randoms friends from FB this month and posting on their respective walls why I appreciate them.  I’m trying to get better at my being a mean loner thing (my wife hates it, and that bugs me.)  Last month, I cut out trolling.  Which was initially hard, but got very easy by the end.  I guess I’m becoming an adult.  Besides the fact that I’m aimless in school, design weird knitted things, only wear super hero t shirts and have absurdly high standards for the pants I wear.  Then I’ll stick, tape, glue, and knit those pants into a zombie state a hundred times before I give up on them.  But I like to think that all just makes me intriguing.

So, I still love input for the next Random Content Monday, so all you innumerable readers should post a link to your favorite time waster, or good cause.  I’ll throw what I get up Monday, and we’ll go from there.

Until the next today, and probably the last yesterday,

GL Blumenshine

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3 thoughts on “New lands, mostly. Well, kinda. Okay, new things happening in the same land as last week.

  1. Don’t lie, GL. We both know I said nothing helpful. 😀 Congrats on trying not be mean! I’m sure Casseisha would appreciate it.

    To waste time, I obsessively check webcomics (Questionable Content, Girls with Slingshots, Girls Next Door (on DeviantArt) and Darwin Carmichael is Going To Hell) even if I’ve already read the latest strip. Or I’ll skim through my Amazon an Etsy recommendations and think, “Why on earth do they think I’ll like THAT?!”

  2. This website if one of my favorites and I love to spend money here!! Also I love your blog. 🙂

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