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Distractio- Hey I Own Video Games!!!!

Last night, I was all set to knit some on the prototype I have going (Suspense!) when my friend (If you Google his name, I’m literally the third result) brought over some original Xbox games, an original xbox, and an Army of Darkness comics Omnibus (It’s so freaking cool!  Like, you have no idea how happy I am about it.  Reality can’t handle it.)    After after 20 minutes, we couldn’t hook up the xbox because my tv is too new (It’s one of those 4 base colors sets.  It’s really big, but my wife wouldn’t let me get the 60 inch.  She said we didn’t need it, but seriously, how could we not need it?  She won.)  So, I ended up rocking Batman: Arkham Asylum(They’ve got DLC with different outfits for him.  You can rock the movie costumes, a Green Lantern Costume, or a Captain America costume. Even Batman Beyond costume.  I don’t have any of it, but I must get it.) until 3 am.  Which left no time for knitting.  And that was disappointing.

I totally got hired at my old university’s book store for a temp.  job.  It’s amusing because I rocked my interview, and the dude next to me did less well, and they hired us both.  Which makes me feel like they’re just desperate for cashiers to check out books in the insane rush of the beginning of the school year.  And that’s probably totally accurate.  Which is cool.   The pay is going to help me even out some bills, and get supplies for more prototypes.  And that’s good for everybody.  Right?

Let me know your favorite/most dire distractions in the comments?  I’d appreciate being amused by them.  Thanks guys!

Unti- Let’s go ride our bikes!

GL Blumenshine

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4 thoughts on “Distractio- Hey I Own Video Games!!!!

  1. Mario Galaxy 2 is my favorite distraction lately.

  2. Currently, my distraction is MapleStory, a free-to-play MMORPG, but very soon it will be the PS3’s Heavy Rain, and L.A. Noire. Because, you know, I gotta WORK to be a modern consulting detective, AMIRITE?

    Also, if that’s the ASU Tempe campus bookstore, I might just see you! Damned exciting, that is.

    – Eccentric

  3. On a tangent, does that TV look very different? From what I understand, those “four base color” TVs are just playing you, because the signals only contain data for RGB, not yellow. For those TVs, they’ve written a program that sort of “figures out” where yellow should go through some algorithm. However, I have yet to see a TV with RGBY.

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