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Dear People referred here by mortgage and scholarship websites- I, too, am confused

This first section is for me to let people who are referred here by mortgage websites and scholarship websites that I, too, have no idea why this blog is the most appropriate ad for what you were reading.  However, welcome, stay a while, and leave me some comments.

The coolest thing about designing knitwear that people want to wear is that when I make prototypes  I can then barter them (this time specifically to her) for services.  So, soon, I’ll have “”  with lots of coolness.  I’m open to suggestions to what I should have on the site.  I already have a few ideas, but more awesome ideas are always welcome.  The prototype, by the way, is the free pattern I will be releasing to make the world love me.

Tomorrow, I DEFINITELY start my temp job at my old university’s book store.  I may start at my current community college’s bookstore afterward.  For the sole purpose of being able to design even more cool stuff.  And to, you know, pay bills and other grown up things.  Oh, and also getting engineering paper at a possible discount.

One last note, Think Geek has titanium straws now.  Go forth and utilize that info as you will.

Without qualms,

GL Blumenshine

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4 thoughts on “Dear People referred here by mortgage and scholarship websites- I, too, am confused

  1. lenny on said:

    i object. i find this knitting business to be so horribly offensive.

  2. I long for the collapsible chopsticks, and the titanium straw. Why? Paranoia, I suppose, and nothing beats having your own utensils. 8D

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