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My New Job…

Today, since I haven’t had time to find awesome random content, and have no one pitching any at me, will be about my bizarre new job.  I have a job selling things at a place, and it’s the most coworkers I’ve ever seen in the same room at the same time.  It frightens me.  And it reminds me of high school.  My experience is that generally, I’ll be treated the opposite of whomever I’m standing nearest, and I’m not allowed to make jokes back to a superior.  I’m not going to name the place or any person, but I kind of just wanted to vent about it.  Also, I feel like they don’t even want to give me a name tag. Ah Retail.

In explanation for Saturday, I was house sitting and getting on the internet was more trouble than it was worth.  So there’s that.

On another note, as soon (roughly) as I get a pay check, I will be writing up my first pattern and copyrighting it, then launching it wherever I can.  Any recommendations?

That’s really all for now.  Not much going on right before school happens.

Also, if you know where I work, don’t mention it.  I’d prefer to be anonymous to be professional.



GL Blumenshine

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