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Me, Reviewing Movies, On Random Content Monday

This Saturday I went to see the new Planet of the Apes and X men movies.  Here is my brilliant reviews.  I liked them both.  I did not go into geek rage as much as I thought I would, and the lingerie scenes in Xmen were a added bonus.   Yep, that’s the review.  Thorough, huh?


But seriously,  a number of the X men in the movie weren’t alive during the Cuban missile crisis, which admittedly bugs me, but the story was actually pretty good, and I enjoyed not having to sit through Cyclops being whiny and Jean being conflicted.  And the young Mystique is more attractive, in my opinion, the the older one.   Actually, every character that is appears in the other movies was more fun this time around.   If they retcon these movies like they are doing with Spiderman and The Fantastic Four, This is the one movie they very definitely should keep.  I think Origins should be retconned because gambit died and there was so much more he could have been as a character…

As far as Planet of the Apes goes, it was brilliant.  there are a number of references to the older, yet in the future, movies, and that always makes me geek giggle.  There’s a horrible misuse of a knife, but it’s actually a Gerber model not a custom model.  And abusing a Gerber is always in good form.  Because screw Gerber.  Leatherman all the way.  Seriously.

So, there’s some random content for you.

More knitterly,

GL Blumenshine

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