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This, Now Being Monday, Is Random.

Today will be a number of links and thoughts.  Both of which should be sufficiently random for you dear readers.

Snarky and Geeky!

The more grown up I try to be, the more grown up activities, like dealing with others who have reason to see me happy and paying bills that seem to never quite be a real amount, preent me from being an adult and living my own life and earning a living for said life.

Break these out in church and at parent’s night.  Because you’re hardcore.

My son loves McDonald’s ice cream cones.  The way to really blow his mind is get the choco-vanilla swirled kind, and sneak some sprinkles on when he isn’t looking.

I love this shop.

6 is a random number to stop at, so I’m good here.

Until next time,

GL Blumenshine




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