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Hey guys, sorry about being absent for a week.  I really had a huge migraine for most of last week and so little to tell you that it was just to hard to get myself to the computer and access the part of my brain that words and speechifies things.  My rambling would have been much much worse than usual.  It would have been horrible for you guys.

I don’t really have any links that particularly stood out to me this week, and no amazing concepts I’d like to share.  My local comic book store abruptly closed recently.  Like within the last week kind of recently.  My brother and I are heartbroken.  Where are we to get our giant catalog of comic stories we are interested in?  Where are we to as our inane questions?  How are we to find comic book professionals who agree with our rants and whining?  We’ve lost a large part of our lives today.

I should have patterns available soon.  Sooner than the last time I mentioned it, not as soon as the next time you read that sentence.  I have come up with a wonderfully green lunchbox pattern that the eco conscious should love, also those looking to save some money and not throw out your old clothes.  It’s quick, so I’ll whip up a few examples in different “fibers” as it were.

Dear readers, should I start getting more geeky on here?  Should I release my wistful yarns about Vibranium and Green Lantern power rings out into this little knitting world?  Should I explain why I’m terrified and fascinated by memes?  How about what one should avoid or look for in buying knives or electronics?  It’d certainly give me more to say.  How about my favorite books?  Give some reviews or what not.  Help me out here guys.  I’m running out of this to subject you to.


GL Blumenshine

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One thought on “Awkward…

  1. I think it would be great for you to share your other geek-y-ness with us! Maybe you can have your Random Content Mondays and then your Geeky Fridays or something.

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