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I Gave Those Stitches A Pattern…

Stitches Love Patterns.

How was your week, guys?  Mine was bizarre.  As I mentioned Wednesday, that day was my anniversary.  We went to dinner, then saw Crazy Stupid Love.  Good movie.  But, I lost my phone in the theater, and no one turned in it.  The catch being my phone has horribly short battery life and a cracked screen.  I  keep trying to locate it on the site I use for my mobile protection,  but it appears that it’s out of battery as well.

Other news, I’ve got a new free pattern to design, and I’d appreciate if everyone would knit it then donate it to the appropriate needy individuals.  It’s nice to learn inartisia, knitting in the round, and how to be a kick ass individual.  Beyond that, I should have the yarn for another project in my mail box, and I’ve got enough yarn for a sweater I want to release for you guys as well.  To round this ramble off, I came up with a fun little pattern today at work.  I’ll get on that when I can as well.

Remember, insects are the perfect food if one eats them alive because they need all the things to live that we do,

GL Blumenshine.

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