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Today, I Start A Story…

This weekend my wife, son, and I went to As You Wish and painted a teapot, turtle, and gargoyle, respectively.  My gargoyle got so detailed, he had to have a back story.  Today I will start that story for you.

It was a rainy night, the kind that cliche noir detective novels start of with, but instead of a trench coat and  my thoughts narrating my actions,  I’ve got a busted cell phone.  And I’m in ripped jeans that are soaked in mud, rain, and the blood from my skinned legs.  I don’t really understand why I left the house tonight either.  I was chilling in front of the TV and browsing a delivery menu, when I got the overwhelming urge to run out of my place.  Not like go out and run errands, but a full on sprint to the door, calmly lock it, then sprint into the road for six miles.  I made it probably 200 hundred yarns, and walked the rest of it.  Not necessarily making good time, I ended up in front of a old church, the kind with the giant spires and the gargoyles usually watching down over the patrons.  Except this joint only had one gargoyle.

As I looked up, it seemed the green little thing was staring back at me.  I could swear it looked right inside of me, as if were studying me.  Then, I almost felt like I shouldn’t have come out, that I was in a trap of some sort.  However, it was obviously just a green stone little thing, so I ventured inside to get out of this storm.  Which was a weird event, in and of itself.  It had been raining for three days, with a steady depressing drizzle.   Somehow, we hadn’t been put under any flood warnings and the weather forecasters had just taken to shrugging when the weather report came on.

Anyway, when I walked into the church,  was immediately surprised.   I was expecting the standard big old church stuff, but I was greeted by green and blue LED rope lights, and a series of moving pictures on the walls.   The pictures would switch between a person or a landscape depending on how you focused your eyes or where you were standing.   In place of the altar was a giant glass walled tank, tubes protruding from all sides up and around the walls of the joint, and hundreds of ferrets with glowing dye in their coats running round, doing ferret things.  Ferreting, you might say.  Again, I got the over whelming feeling that I was trapped, and soon I’d be very jealous of those ferrets because they had a very big cage.

Alrighty guys, come back next Monday for more.

GL Blumenshine


P.S   I would like to toss a special shout out to my new friend Farzana!

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One thought on “Today, I Start A Story…

  1. Sumner Gray on said:

    Nice start. Can’t wail to hear more. If it’s anything like your stories from high school it will be surprising and awesome!

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