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I’ve Got A Gargoyle Named Hemingway.

On Monday, I will give you pictures of said guardian of my front door.  Also, he’s a super sleuth and a mystical guide.

And now I’ve updated my “About Me” section.  So there are things about me in it.  Entertaining, no?

Anyway, nothing particularly exciting or relevant has happened since I’ve last updated, except that my temp. job is up/  I guess by the end, the floor managers wanted me to be able to hired full time, but I’ve only heard that second hand.  Also, I had people admiring me and a bit terrified, which was nice.   That’s how you tell people have talked to me for a long time.  The terror.  The admiration is something I’m not used to.

My son and I have a class together, starting Tuesday, call Toddler play lab.  I take him into the community college I’m attending, then we play around and do awesome things, from what I gather.  I may be wrong.  Which would be slightly depressing.  Unless it turned out to be even more awesome.   It’s a Tuesdays-only class, but I’m working from home, so we’re going to go do our own extracurricular activities for the rest of the week.  Like playgrounds and bookstore storybook readings.  I’m pretty excited.  ( As I typed this, my bracelet broke.  I got it free from the lady who wants to sell my bags. I’m going to fix it momentarily.)

And while I’m on the subject of my bags,  I’m making another one because I didn’t write the pattern out.  I forgot that I used my Addi Turbos, which I have named “The Sword-Chucks.”   When I figured that out, I got all sorts of excited about it.  I’m holding back giggles about that right now.  And I’m really excited that this woman is genuinely excited to have my products in her store.  I wonder if she’ll want more than the bags.  It’s exciting.

Right, well,  I’m out of thoughts.  Random Fact:  Good Eats has taped their last episode.  Who will geeky amateur chefs look up to now?

Painting a continent,

GL Blumenshine

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2 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Gargoyle Named Hemingway.

  1. I’m not afraid of you. Also I didn’t know that men giggled. Lol.

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