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Some Pictures!

As I tweeted yesterday, I have an order of five of my bags (the first two pics are the front and back of the one I made my wife) and I’m amazed.   I have that condition, called “perfectionism”, that makes me despise the things I make because I KNOW they have at east one tiny little imperfection.  Which is deplorable.  But, as my darling and amazing wife repeated points out, I’m actually pretty good at this whole knitting thing.  Which would explain why my fried Luis is so excited that I designed and knit that beanie for his brother, and will be releasing it as a free pattern for cancer patients.  I’m going to call it “The Beat Beanie.”  This one was knitted in Patton’s Bamboo Silk yarn, so it’s going to feel wondrous.  I’m using the leftovers to make another beanie, which I will then rock.


The other pictures are of Hemingway, obviously, and of Spaz in her vest I made her for Christmas.  Takes her a long time to model things for me, or to do anything productive, really.  Meh.   Well, I have to get back to being grown up and responsible.  Later!

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2 thoughts on “Some Pictures!

  1. Hemingway looks awesome. Good job.

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