Don't Forget To Knit Awesome!

Knitting our collective way out of a paper bag since 2011

Today is not going to have a bit of story because I feel pretty sickly.  My apologies, my friends.  Super long entry next week, I promise.  And ask Case.  When I make a promise…to him…. I always keep it.  Because that’s the rule, guys, the rule.  THE RULE.  But seriously, my brain feels like a hand with numb fingers.  So when I’ve grasped a concept or idea, I don’t realize it and just keep trying to wrap my wind around it, often losing it in the process.

I desperately need some McFly’s from Nike, guys.   You see, Nike is releasing a limited number of the shoes that Marty’s kid wore in the future, which is our near(ish) future.   The proceeds of the Ebay auctions are going to The Micheal J. Fox Foundation for Parkisons Research.  And I need some of those shoes.  Because BTTF is better than both Star Wars and LOTR.  I’ll always take the Delorian.  ALWAYS.

This is genuinely all I can coherently type right now.   I’ll address you audience members later.


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