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So About Those Stitches In My Leg…

Jack Burton gave them to me.  Seriously.  I’ll explain more later.

So, my yarn is in Colorado and New Jersey.  That yarn would be the yarn I need to make my first batch of bags.  The market testing batch.  Hopefully, they’ll be snatched up  in a week and we can charge a bit more for them.  Because I’d be successful and awesome.  Instead of just awesome, like I am now.   They yarn is wondrous looking, really.  I have a theme for one of the bags already.  Deer in the forest.  Which, in a round about way, reminds me once again that I need to order business cards.  So, I’ll be doing that soon.  I do have a background now.  It’s part of the pattern of the “Beat Beanie.”  Should be pretty cool looking.

Beyond that, Tonight I’ll throw a couple pictures up here for you guys.  Also, the aforementioned stitches keep opening, I think.

Here’s those pictures…

Sheriff Case Viva Hanging Out In The Hoosegow.

This was taken when we were out at Rawhide last Saturday.  It was pretty funny just to see him chilling out in the jail cell without a single care in the world.  The characters kept trying to impress upon him the seriousness of the situation, but he just kept repeating what they said to me.  Loved it.

This is step one of fixing a chair.

This is a chair Case broke.  So I took the seat part and connected it to a crate, which makes a nice little gaming seat.  That left me with this  whole rest of the chair, so naturally, I broke out the duct tape.  I’ll do another couple levels of tape, then make a cool knitted cover.  I already have a scarf that I decided not to give as a gift, because it didn’t really work with the person it was for.  I think it’ll work out pretty nicely.  And the stitch pattern is pretty cool.

Have a good rest of the days until Saturday!


GL Blumenshine

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2 thoughts on “So About Those Stitches In My Leg…

  1. Duct tape. Naturally. Why did you need stitches and what are you doing to break em open?

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