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It’s 9:15 pm on a Saturday night, do you know where your destiny lies?

Today, we wandered around downtown Mesa today, and there were a few cool stores newly opened.  One of them, Evermore Nevermore, is interested in any steampunk designs.  So, obviously,  I need to make them and take pictures, then publish patterns and send pictures to the store.  Lot to do while I’m also making 5 bags with yarns that aren’t all of the bulky sized I thought I purchased(which sucks, but gives me a reason to decrease my stash of random acrylic yarn.)

Another cool thing downtown is Monsterland, a horror museum.  It’s not open, yet, but I’m going to freaking love when it is.  My brother and I will attend, with our new toys (Baby Doll and Christopher Chance, formally Jack Burton) in case it’s a museum like the one from wax works.  You know, the figures come alive cause of the devil, and numbers, and victims, and stuff…. Been a long time since I’ve watched that movie…  Regardless, my brother and I will destroy all evil, if the opportunity arises.

And for my final bit of news tonight, I’ve decided that instead of real business cards, I’m going to recycle old post cards.  I have a plan, and whether or not it works, I will go from there.  I’ll make sure my logo and website are on them, and perhaps a clever little saying, as well as a apt description of what I’m about.  Interestingly enough, that whole idea made me realise that I need to be preparred and licensed to do business in person, or in the real world at least.  Research Sunday tomorrow, I guess.  Fun for me.

Pandas have a nub that works like a thumb, and that’s pretty much everything evolution has ever done for them,

GL Blumenshine

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2 thoughts on “It’s 9:15 pm on a Saturday night, do you know where your destiny lies?

  1. You two are scarier then anything in that museum. Kudos on the recycling thing. Also, pandas are awesome.

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