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261 words of “words,” yeah?

I’ve decided to become very businessman like in my designing, so I took all my school stuff from my folio for school and moved the majority of my design stuff into it.  Now, I feel like I look very professional while I’m staring at my papers feeling very confused as to what I’m supposed to be doing.  Which I probably do.  Too bad the only people around enough to care is my toddler son, my wife (who doesn’t seem to care that I’m Mr.Businessman, because of my folio), and the rest of my family.  The cats and dogs certainly don’t.

I figured out (read: my wife showed me) how to do PDF files in Word, I just need to type them up, get pictures, and put them up on some sites.  I’d really love to put them up here, for sale (or free download, as the case may be), but I don’t think I can do that from a free WordPress blog.  I do have the offer for web hosting from a dear friend, but I have no knowledge of web design currently, and no one reliable to do it for me.

In other news, my son is an absolute terror.  Other than the go-to “teething” and “he’s almost three” excuses, we can’t figure out why.  And those “reasons” aren’t good enough for me.  So. I’m going to hypnotize him, then use a machine to venture deep into his psyche to figure everything out.  Or, you know, real world stuff.  Maybe that.

I wonder if the 10/10 rules applies to my knitting patterns…,

GL Blumenshine

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4 thoughts on “261 words of “words,” yeah?

  1. I think its awesome that ur mr. businessman. I dont know when you last talked to tim anderson but he went to school for graphic design. Hes prob on facebook somewhere. As far as the folio what are you confused bout? Also you forgot “kids will be kids” amd you said he was sick. He prob just doesnt feel good.

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