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I Freaking Love October! Also, Story!

Just so everyone knows, I really do love October.  My birthday being in said month is only a small, tiny influence on that.  October is all about getting out and DOING autumnal things.  Like pumpkin patches and haunted houses.  Leaves and trick-or-treating.  All-Hallows-Read.  There’ so much, and Arizona looks like it’s in the middle of freaking summer still.  I recently took a poll on the NatGeo insider page, asking me to check the things I love about autumn, and I checked everything that doesn’t apply to this horrible state.  *Sigh*

Anyway, today is story day.  So, FACE!

I awoke to a dark room, filled with the thumping of techno, and the aching of my ribs.  And my head, my tongue, and all my other assorted parts.  Dizzily, I slowly sat up and promptly threw up in the corner of the room.  I immediately regretted that, because I was a sympathetic puker and there were no windows, and only one door.  The door, by the way, was locked from the outside and a two way mirror.  I could see out, but no one could see me.  I know, I waved at several people dancing and drinking just ten feet from me.

At that point, I looked around my prison chamber.  It was an office.  A sleazy one, with silky shag carpeting, and vomit puddle in the corner.  I was only responsible for half of that.  And, honestly, I was more sickened by the carpeting.  I was again overcome with the blasphemous feeling, and realized that this room was, in fact, a priest’s quarters.  There were murals on the wall, depicting several sins, and not a one of them actually looked any fun.

I rummaged through the drawers to find something to drink, to no success.  I managed to pocket some pens and a letter opener though.  I ran through the items I had in my pockets when I left, and was actually a bit pissed off when I discovered every had been taken from me.  A man’s pockets are sacred.  And private.  I had paint sharpies, and a Spyderco, my wallet, and phone in there.  Thinking these thoughts, I finally came to the full realization that I was being kidnapped, by someone who drugged me.  There are horror stories that begin like this.  Lots of them.  I needed to get out, and fast.

This is about as far as I’m getting today.   I’ve got tons of other things I need to start on, sorry guys.

GL Blumenshine

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