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MacGyver Is Giving My Soup The Hungry Eye.

But it’s okay, because I’ve finished it now.  It was good.  Good on you, Mom.   Good soup.

Today, my wife, brother, and I went to hang out with my friend Killa and her husband Eric.  They’ll be joining us on some Fridays for gaming.  Which is nice, because Killa knows enough about fairy tales that she can be super helpful in this adventure, because no one else has as large a knowledge base as me.

I need to get these three patterns typed up.  And then, somehow, get enough word of mouth advertisement to really get this moving.  That’d be great.  So, you know, working on that.  As well as another pattern, and I have to pick up the custom yarn I have waiting for me to finish this other idea, then get some glowy yarn to round out my prepared items to design, make, then release.

In other news, I have nearly enough pieces to make a really cool WIP (work in progress) transportation device.    I’ll get a picture up as soon as I finish it.  It’ll certainly draw even more attention to me as a knitter.  Which always amuses me.  Speaking of which, I need more vests.  Which is already on my to do list.

Finally, I’d like to ask you all, who knit/crochet or who know knitters/crocheters, to make a beanie, whether the on I will be releasing soon, or another one, and donate it to a hospital or a charity for people who have lost there hair because of medical reasons.  It’s getting colder, and we could all bring some warmth into the world.  Thanks.

Right, this has been Wednesday, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did,

GL Blumenshine

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