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Tomorrow, The World (read:patterns)

As my title suggests, tomorrow I’m typing up my first three patterns.  And by typing up, I mean dictating to my wife who will type for me, because she’s better at that than I am.  Also, we’ll be tie dying some fabric to make into my last two bags of the order my shop owner friend made.   And We’ll watch some movies.  That’s all of plans so far.

Today we bought most of my sons’s Halloween costume, and he went from being a character in Brisco County Jr., to a generic cowboy, to a space cowboy from Firefly/Serenity.  In the span of 20 minutes.  This ind of thing happens to me every year, it’s nice to see it happen to someone else.  Evolution of ideas are the best way for things to advance creatively, anyway.  So his costume will just be even more epic.

Last night, I had a epiphany for a sweater that looks like someone poured slime all over their head and torso.  That’s going to be a challenge to figure out, but it’s going to look really fun.  I don’t want it for myself,  so I’m going to need to find a person to make it for who will model it for me.  Applications taken in the comments section.   Bribes always help.

Beyond that, I just want to say that I could use some post cards, and to remind everyone to push/make a beanie for cnacer patients this month.  Please.

GL Blumenshine

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