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Short and Saturday

Hey all,  I’m just getting over being super sick, so I’m giving a short little story tonight.

The other day, I was getting ready to go out for the day with my son, and we were about to leave.  I reached into the key bowl for my keys and didn’t find them, so I turned to my son and said “Oh no! where are my keys? We can’t leave without my keys!”

At that point I walked around, patting my pockets and belt loops for my keys, checked a couple places, and found them.  I exclaimed “I found them, ready to go?” And he says “yes let’s go.”  And we proceeded to leave again.

Except when we got to the same spot, my son exclaims “oh no! Where are my keys!?” And mimicked everything I just did, including finding the keys and everything I said.  Then we left.  Because we both had my keys.

Night guys

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