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Making This Super-Awesome

I now have a little box in the corner that enables me to say that “This post is super-awesome”  and I have no idea where it has come from.  I was sitting here, debating on what to write, and that box has made me nervous.  What if I click it and then my post is lame?  Would WordPress hunt me down and light me on fire?  Would my few precious followers leave in a huff?  Or would I become famous?  Could it expand my world infinitely?  I’m going to click it.  It’s clicked.

Okay, so I’m going to go into fashion design and …something… in college, as well as get a storytelling certificate, and a library one as well.  Those are all thing that appeal to me, and I’ve decide to just get as much education as possible.  I’m still young, even though I’m starting the whole grown up with a family and a business early, so I may as well listen to Gandhi and “learn lie I’m going to live forever.”  Obviously that’s paraphrased.  But it’s genuinely, good, sound advice.

Alright, I also need to take lots of classes in French and ASL, so I can teach the kid.  I figure English, ASL, and French gives him the run of the USA and a majority of the EU.  And a good language mind, so he could learn other languages, if he so chose.

I totally had other interesting things to say, but have forgotten them.  Time to start taking notes for my posts.  I imagine they’re going to get longer.  And I should start including a picture to sum it all up at the top.

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