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Research day today!

Today, I’ve done research for my online class, the Scion game we’ve been playing on Fridays, and I’m going to do some research in bit on what sites to put my knitting patterns.  Doesn’t hurt to…*counts*… check an eight time.  I just want to be confident in my choices.  I’m beginning to feel like I’m not the best at researching, probably because it bores me.  But I really need to do it.

I’m making yarn for my last two bags, right?  And it’s insane how time consuming it is.  I’m not even sheering and sheep and spinning the wool, I’m cutting up fabric.  I really hope that the store buying the bags doesn’t get upset with me about this.  Granted, I want the majority of my business to be online, but the in person stuff is important as well. I need to be a stand up business man all the time for people to not despise me.

Last night, I found out that I have been knitting my Friday sweater in the wrong gauge.  So, it’s freaking HUGE.  So, for the next couple of Friday’s, I’ll be knitting and getting the yarn from the sweater as it frogs out.  Speaking of sweaters, my LYS has expressed interest in the sweater I plan to  make my mother for Christmas (which I need to get on soon here.  I may be fast, but I’m not light speed fast.  These bags need to be finished quickly.) And that’s both encouraging and an honor.  If they like it, I wonder if they’d sell my patterns?  Or consign my things.  Soon here, I will run out of people who want my prototypes…

I checked that super-awesome post box again…. Am I wrong to do so?   Am I being to sure of myself, or worse, lying to myself?  Dear me, that’s worrying.  Also, that usage of “dear me” is too.

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