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A little bit of frustration.

I’ve got my first pattern all ready to self publish and send out into the ether, and then I realized that “Hey, I don’t know the standard length measurements for pants.”  So, I go about googling and booking, only to find nothing.  I’ve got enough size charts to circle the world twice, but nothing telling me how long between the hips and the knees in a size 32 .  So that patterns going to have to wait.  Which is where this frustration is coming from.

I’m imagining releasing a pattern just called “Like A Boss.”  The instructions will be “Cast on Boss stitches.  Knit and purl like a Boss.  Cast off Like a Boss.  Tap that.  Like a Boss.”  I’ll charge 20 dollars a pattern.  I’ll become solely because of interweb memes.  And have horrible customer service reviews.  That’s where my brain has been the last couple of days.

Alright, I’m just going to get to work sketching a couple new sweater ideas.



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