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Knitting our collective way out of a paper bag since 2011

This is what I’m working on…

and their freaking huge balls

Those are the last two bags in my fist order.  As you can see, they’re now both roughly half way, excluding the straps.  I really need to finish them both in the next 4 or so days.  Otherwise, I’ll feel horrible about myself.  I already feel pretty bad because of how screwed over I got with the bulk yarn order I did, and this last bag I messed up supremely.  Which I know isn’t REALLY all my fault, logically, but the perfectionist/genius in my just stabs logic so often.  Horrible, stabbing, gore of logic.  Amusingly, I’m currently using this entry to delay working on that white one on the left side.  Also, to distract myself from how nervous I’ve recent made myself.

I’ve made myself nervous over a submission possibility I’ve come across.  I think I have a chance, with my logic brain.  That other guy, he’s a horrible person.  And he’s telling me I’m too new to submit patterns like a grown up.  Also, the fact that I’m dreaming of making superhero sweater vests ind of backs that up.  On the other hand, Nathan Fillion and  Stan Lee are grownups.

Maybe I’ve just got to sit back and relax, sketch, swatch, and make some mulled cider.  It’s fall, so mulled cider needs to be all up on my belly.  As long as I set hard, yet achievable, goals and stick to them, I can do this.  Especially because a couple of these possibilities provide free yarn.  And I get to keep the garment.  Which is, you now, nice.

I really need that mulled cider.  And to chill out a bit.

GL Blumenshine


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