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Eat Some Grapes and Blog Some Rambles!


Not as blinding as I hoped.

The rumors are true.  I do, in fact, have a bowl of grapes next to me.  They’re delicious.  And red.  I’m not ashamed!  Grapes don’t make me any less of a man!  John Wayne took bubble baths!

I finished that fourth bag last night.  I honestly didn’t think it was going to be done before the fifth, but, obviously, I surprised myself.  It’s not super fluorescent, but it is bright.  I think in natural light it’ll be painfully bright, which is all we really need, isn’t it?  That one article of clothing or accessory that causes car accidents.  The F-U item, as I call it.  Looking at my plans, ideas, and designs,  the majority of them are said accessory.  And that’s awesome!

On Monday, my wife’s best friend texted her late at night to tell her how good of a writer I am.  I also had a random comment about how the story is fun.  Moments like that make me feel like I’m in the Truman Show or something.  Or possibly the universe is informing me that I should write something and submit it to a publisher.  I’m not like George McFly here, but I am a bit uncomfortable with people reading the things I write solely to decide if I’m worth their time.  Actually, that’s generally how I feel about everything.  Good to know, right?

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