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Gotta Love My Swatchin.

Specifically because you read my blog!

Today, because I’m done with the bags, marks the start of a long time of swatching and designing.  Which i’m excited about.  Submissions, things I’ve promised people, Christmas presents, and other goodies.  One of which is for me, which is always nice.  However, I’m secretly more looking forward to impressing everyone with the things I make.  Because my ego could always use a good stroke.

So, currently, I’m working on a present and a submission.  I’m going back and forth between them, because the sub. si on sock yarn, so it’s small enough to give me a headache after a few minutes working on it.  And the fact that I continue working on it makes me either stubborn, hard working, or just a masochist.  Whatever’s clever, as long as I get it done and it’s not horrible.  I figure I should have the sub. swatch and design done and sent by Wednesday.  And then I can move onto the next one.  Then the next, and so on, then focus on all my presents.  Which, if I just down energy drinks like air, and knit on the lunch breaks of this job I’m about to return to, I can get done in time.  Possibly.  I have no doubts about my ablility, but I doubt that space/time can take that kind of pounding.

Admittedly, I punch space/time in and bout the face an awful lot.  I tend to treat it pretty horribly.  I don’t understand why it keeps coming back, trying to apply to me and my workings.  I spent high school drawing up plans for a perpetual motion machine, which annoys my brother to no end for some reason, and just progressed from there.  Someday, logically, I shall progress to making it work for me.  That’s really the only way it can go at this point.  Unless I’m a crazy person.


GL Blumenshine

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2 thoughts on “Gotta Love My Swatchin.

  1. Eric Blumenshine on said:

    Because all of your perpetual motion machines are based on troll physics.

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