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Making a lunchbox!

So, first off, Monday didn’t get a story because of my wife’s best friend, who will read this sentence.  Jasmine, watch Grimm.  just freaking do it.

Anyway,  I’m making myself a lunchbox/windmill bag out of tarn.  If you recall, that’s cut up t-shirts made into yarn.  I got most of the shirts from random free shirts you get on college campuses.  So, essentially,  I’m getting a super cool free bag that will make the people at my temp. job pretty jealous.   Speaking of that temp. job, I’ve been rehired as a temp again.  I expect it’ll be very much the same, but I’ll just be less likely to let people be mean to me.  Coworkers, I mean, not customers.  In retail, you should expect to get horrible customers, so every good customer is a gift from god.



Have a good Thanksgiving, everyone.  Pictures of the bag on Saturday.

GL Blumenshine


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