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Apparently, it’s busy Monday!

No story, but I’ve got some pictures.  Why?  Because I’m pretty busy doing things.  I’m running the last laps of my online class, as well as bunch of errands earlier.  Then, and also right freaking now, I’m writing up some submissions.  I shipped my first one today, but I’ve got to do emails with it.  All of this with a broken mouse button on my laptop.

That’s right, I clicked so awesome, so many times, that I’ve broken the most used button.  Awkward.  However, PICTURES!

Remember that lunchbox I was making?  It’s way too big to be practical.  Oops.  Here, see?

That gray yarn is left over from one of the bags I made for Bohemian Chic. The rest being actual t shirts.

But it makes a decent knitting bag. And I could always use another good bag.


And to change the pace a bit, here’s a picture of my mom’s tiny, blind dog helping me knit.

Professor Dudington, He teaches how to scratch at your face until you give yourself cataracs, and barking at any and every noise.

There’s also a nice shot of my son wreaking havoc in his diaper in the background.  You may think he’s innocently playing with blocks, but no.  His birthday was yesterday, which means he’s three now.  Which, in turn, means everything he’s done up to this point was plotting.


But, seriously, I’ve got to jet.

GL Blumenshine

See, it really is just freakishly big for a lunch box.

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