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How Did I Miss These Cookies?!?

I was the "Awesome Ranger." That's the non-preppy Green Ranger that was also Batman and Superman.

I saw this when I was perusing a Goodwill here-abouts.  All I could think was how had I missed these cookies as a kid.  The only isles I went to in stores when this show existed were cookies, candy, and toys.   Obviously, every adult in the world conspired against me.  Which makes me think the cookies would have given me powers.

Anyway, still waiting on the two submission answers, and I’m about to start drawing up the next one I plan on submitting.  I’m looking forward to this next one, because it’s a pattern I really like and am pretty proud of,  in regards to design and proposed functionality.  Can’t say much about it, but I will when I can.  Probably.

I completed the first sleeve of the boot cut sweater I’m re-trying.  I have started the second sleeve, as you can see below.  I’m leaving ever end out, and I’ve put in a lot of scraps of yarn from other skeins and projects.  I think it’s kind of a protest to The Man of knitting, but it may just be because I’m unique in the sense that I’m also insane.  Anyway, the more astute of you may have noticed, somehow, that the directions for this sweater actually say to to do the sleeves after most f the body.  i’m aware of that, I just don’t really care.  I screwed up so badly last time, that I wanted to get the sleeves done to make sure I did it all correctly this time.  Which, so far, I have.  I’m pretty excited about not having screwed it up.  It’s amazingly gratifying.

Hey, look how blurry this sleeve is! It's like it's the Bigfoot of sleeves! Or, I'm not a super good photographer.

That's some nice, kind of itchy, Goodwill unprocessed wool yarn right there. I actually love it. Fun to work with.

I have reduced my daily goal by half on this sweater.  One hundred rows just wasn’t working.  On smaller projects, that’ll probably be the goal I do, but 50 is plenty enough progress for a sweater.  There aren’t many rows, anyway.  Besides, it’s just a busy work project,  so there’s not really a rush to it.  Once I finish it, I won’t have any busy work.  Which would be sad.

Right, other things to do.


GL Blumenshine

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