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Knitting our collective way out of a paper bag since 2011

This past week.

Look at all those colors. And unweaved ends.

I’m so very unclear on what exactly this past week was, but it certainly happened.  I got my first acceptance, and I served as a best man at a shotgun wedding.  Also, I’ve had flashes of synesthesia, as well as other unpleasantness.  However, It has brought about the destruction of my trying to keep a update schedule on this blog.  I’ll continue to post stories once a week, and just update you guys on my knitting as is fit.

So, about that boot cut sweater I’m making.  The return to my temp job has cut down the time I knit a bit, but as it’s a busy project, there really isn’t a problem.  Really, I should be working on five swatches, but I don’t really like relaxation enough to do that.  Go figure, right?   But, my job keeping me busy has given me another idea on something to design and then submit.  Bike/WWII themed no less.  So, I’m going to adore it.  Beyond that, I hope it is received well and accepted.

You know what’s an awesome moment?

When your project finally stretches easily around your circs.

Alright, I’m going to go do some firewood cutting.


GL Blumenshine

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