Don't Forget To Knit Awesome!

Knitting our collective way out of a paper bag since 2011

So here’s some news and some resolutions.

I may have mentioned, I had a pattern accepted.  And I’m super happy about it.  I’ve also received my first rejection, but it came back with positive feed back.  And since them, I’ve submitted 7 more patterns.  The last two of which were submitted mere seconds ago.  I’ll give you a preview that reveals nothing of one of them.

That, my friends, is a door stop, and freaking sweet. It's also a monkey fist knot.

Anyway, I got some cool hats for xmas.  And new, awesome, TMNT headphones.  Also, some superman cartoons for me (read: for my son.)  That hat’s are both the same kind of hat, but one is black leather and black fur, the other is a Michelangelo themed one with green on the outside, bright orange fur, and Ninja Turtle eyes on the forehead.  Challenge- find the kind of hats I now own.  They’re warm and awesome.  What did you guys get?  I know that Jasmine got some “not making my wife the present we discussed, but not telling me about it, cause she’s a tool.”  So, I hope she’s enjoying that.

The most recent submission person just got back to me, and it looks good, but no real news yet.  So, fingers crossed and well wishes, or whatever you do for that kind of stuff.

I mentioned resolutions in my title, so let’s hit those off.

1. At least 10 accepted submissions

2. Make (undisclosed amount of money)  by (redacted).  That one is kind of private, so don’t tell a lot of people.

3. Just write a freaking book already, then send it to a publisher.  It’s not like I don’t have the stories or the resources.

4. Get the perfect tablet.  Probably relies on 2.

5.  Just be a freaking awesome person.


I think 5 is enough.  Anyone feel like sharing there resolutions?

And a last bit of news:  My wife is preggers with our second child.  Due July 25th.  I’m pretty excited.  We don’t know the gender, yet, but as long as it’s healthy, it’s cool with me.

My toes are cold and I’m wearing rag wool socks and boots,

GL Blumenshine.

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