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Mind Blowing

Hello everyone, either my regular readers, or those of you from sanguiknitie.  Welcome and browse happily!

It’s mind blowing to me that in less than three years I’ve actually progressed to the point where people want to know my story and want me on their blogs.  Just… utterly mind blowing.  I’m sitting here, chilling out before class, with a frogged three times design for a head band for a friend (made with super awesome Alpaca yarn) and a design coming out in a ezine in October, and I’m just flabbergasted.   As well as seriously behind in my Hemingway story.  Won’t lie, miss doing that story, I’ve just been freakishly busy.  I’ll be back with regular updates now.

So, about this head band.  I have this super great, super complicated and fancy design in mind, and that’s not at all what my customer wants.  She wants 1-3 flowers and enough width and length to fit her head.  As such, I’ve been fighting myself each step of the way.  And I’m going at this with needles way too long, because those are the only 5’s I have.  Such is the life I pursue.

I’m back in school this semester.  I have a sewing class, a children’s lit class, 3 business classes, a cycling class, and a blacksmithing class.  Pick my major out of that.  Winner get’s props.  Anyway, the cycling class kicks my butt so hard, that my new glasses fog up on my face.  I love it.  Between that and Children’s Lit in the mornings, Monday Wednesdays and Fridays are the days I look super forward to currently.  Not that blacksmithing and sewing days are horrible.   Except that my sewing teacher says “h-white.”   When that’s not a joke, it actually really bugs me.  Can’t tell you why.

Ok, I seriously have to go get ready for class,

GL Blumenshine

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