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Half A Dozen Life Events Later, We Try Again.

So, to some up my life since my last post, I’ve lost my first and second designs, due to something (I don’t know what) I did, and then because I didn’t fit.  Obviously, such is the field.  Also, I’ve had a daughter, lost a friend to a drunk driver, and a few other huge things have happened.  Needless to say, I’ve been swamped and in a slump.  However, I’ve been reminded lately that there is an order to things, and I need to put some things in order.

So, I’m half working on a book of patterns, and more working on two books with different stories.  One is a fantasy, the other is a fictional journal.  The idea for the journal actually came to me in a dream last night, in it’s entirety.  Which is, like, the second time that’s ever happened to me. (That reminds me, I should write that one story, also, those four other ideas I’ve thought about.)

I’m heading to a book signing/publishing party on the 28th, the author being one of my mother’s professors who she has spoken about me to, has expressed interest in either my person or my writing, possibly both.  When my mother told me about that, I instinctively got paranoid about her interest in me, which was amusing to everyone in the room.  If you’re a reader that has actually met me in a social context, you’re probably not surprised in the least.

So, that ends my thoughts for this rambling return post.  I’d like to end on a quote from Winston Churchill, from an episode of Doctor Who.  “Keep Buggering On.”  That’s it.  But, it’s finally speaking volumes to me.


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