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My New Year Long (But Not New Years) Goals.

Alight, I know it’s WAY too late to make resolutions for the new year, and that I have some that I have no idea  what are, but I’ve decided that two new goals should help me out in my knitting career.

1. Create twelve items for myself in between/out of patterns I’ll be publishing so I can wear advertisements for my awesomeness.  I currently have zero items that I’ve made that I can wear, and that obviously detracts from my person to person marketing.  I’m going to cheat a bit and include the steering wheel and stick shift covers I made for my car, but I’m only going to count those as one item.

The items I’ll be making for myself are:

(x) Hexagon steering wheel and shifter cover.

(_) Fighter pilot Hoodie

(_) Cotton running vest

(_) Wool running vest

(_) Entrelac tam/beret/beanie of some sort out of this wonderful hand spun angora I have

(_) Hip mounted bag

(_) Long arm fingerless gloves.

(_) This in cotton, for the lighter times of the year.

(_) Projects 9-12


2.  My second goal is to publish 12 patterns, whether on other sites or in a book collection, by the end of 2013.  I’m giving myself a little bit more time, so I can do some huge projects, as well as smaller easier things.  Considering I currently have less than one patterns published, this will significantly expand the body of my work.  The projects I currently have planned above will be four of my published items, so That’s a third of my goal planned, and I also have two planned custom items that I’ll be making up, so that brings it up to half.  And I actually have three other items with patterns almost to a selling point.  This just got super easy, super quickly.  Go me.

In other news, I’m currently training to run a 5K, then I’ll be doing a program to train me for a 10K immediately after I finish that.  I’d really like to be able to run long distance.  I used to do track way back in elementary school, and I really love the feeling of a good run.  And last night, I started the 100 push ups program.  I’ll be adding different exercises/programs every three weeks or so, until I get a good routine.  Which I guess is a goal as well, but it’s really just something I’m doing without thinking too much about.

Ok, I actually have to go get ready to run.  So, you guys have a good whatever time period you’re comfortable having.


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