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Out Of Nowhere

It’s pretty obvious that most things in life happen out of nowhere.  Not a lot of people get warning that x is going to happen, that y won’t happen, or whatever.  When I signed up to work at the Renaissance Festival seven years ago, I didn’t I’d meet my wife my first weekend and crush on her for years before I’d ask her out.  I have no idea how this blog got 210 followers, because the last time I looked, it was closer to 8.  It may have been less than that.

So, what do we do when we get fired from out dream job twice, have a new kid, lose a best friend,  and save a life?  Mostly, I just do more exercising  knitting, and reading.  I’m not doing school this semester, largely because I really don’t want to go to school for something that will make me miserable,  and I’m working less than part time, yet more than not at all.    Therefore, I have a lot of free time, which I’m probably not using as well as I should.  I’ve started a garden, which takes a bit of my focus and free time, but not really enough to make me feel productive.  So, by this time next week, I’ll have a pattern written up and ready to submit it to a technical editor.

And, here’s my out of nowhere idea.  I’m going to let my numerous followers vote on what to name it.  It’s a bag with a gravity based strap/closure system.   I will give you three options, and just go ahead and comment with your vote.  Bonus feature- If you include your name, I’ll draw three of you at random (using my rpg dice) on this coming Monday, September 24th, at 9 pm, then I will announce the winners so they can get in touch with me on Tuesday, September 25th.  As for the prize,  I’ll send you three the pattern for free, once it’s finished. Completely free,  in a nice envelope or email, and completely up to each of you whether or not you enter.   Sound good?

The choices-  The Quick Break Bag: The Original Be Awesome Bag:  My Gravity Bag.   Again, comment with your vote.  Include your name to enter to win the pattern for free when I finish it up.  I’m looking forward to (hopefully) hearing from you guys.

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10 thoughts on “Out Of Nowhere

  1. Eccentric on said:

    While I really like My Gravity Bag, it may or may not have awkwut connections to this cheezy “gravity bag” that doesn’t even utilise gravity:

    I also think combinations would be awesome ([The Original] Quick Break Gravity Bag, or some other chimerical being).

    My vote goes toward The Quick Break Bag.

  2. Christina on said:

    I like the sound of the Gravity Bag. It’s what my brain defaulted to when I read about it.

  3. Sarah Ross on said:

    My vote is for:
    The Quick Break Bag

  4. I think that “My Gravity Bag” sounds the coolest.

  5. The Quick Break Bag gets my vote!

  6. Since gravity is already involved, I’d go for the gravity bag.

  7. I like “My Gravity Bag”, but I do think that Eccentric has a good point.

  8. I like The Original Be Awesome Bag. so uplifting…. be awesome!

  9. I don’t know what a gravity bag is, and to be fair it would be nice to see a picture of the bag in question to name it, but I go with gravity, it sounds heavy.

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