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Little mistakes…

I’m right at the beginning of two custom projects, one due by the first severely cold weather, and the other by xmas.  And, funnily enough, I made a small mistake on each of them that ground them both to a halt.  I mislabeled my measurements for one, and totally miscounted all my stitches in a row, which resulted in it being needing to be completely frogged on the other.  It felt a bit like hitting a brick wall, you know?  I’m sitting here, in my comfy knitting spot, surrounded by pure alpaca and pure bamboo, and I can only work one, but from the beginning.  Not a lot of people understand the frustration of that.  Which is weird  because who likes having to rip apart a whole project and starting over?  But, it’s really the same people who think I’ll knit them things for free and that knitting and writing is beneath them.  I really should stop interacting with individuals like that.

To change the pace a bit, I’m really happy it’s October.  It begins the three months with my favorite holidays (free candy, lots of cooking and eating, lots of cooking, eating, and presents)  and cold weather is right around the corner.  Indeed, Colorado already has snowfall.  However, I’ve found that now that I’m a “grown up” I’ve stop thinking about my costume and decorations for Halloween in August.  That wouldn’t be a terrible thing, but I really don’t get around to considering any of that seriously until the week of, which is marked by my birthday.  So, on top of my birthday not being super exciting (they really never were, I’ve recently discovered) I start to stress about my complete lack of preparation for the first of my favorite holidays.  I end up being miserable for the week and saving everything until the day of.  I pull it off, because I’m great under fire, but it’s not as fun.  This year, I’m going to start thinking about things now.

So, for my costume, I have no idea what to do.  I’d like to knit a Cthulhu union suit, but I don’t have time for that and my custom orders.  So, that’s going on my list of things I want for myself.  A Cthunion suit.  Genuine R’lyian merino wool.  For those cold, mad, cultist nights.  That doesn’t solve my costume for this year though.  River is going to be a tiny little dragon (bonus, the top will work a jacket until she outgrows it, or the cold weather ends for this winter) and Case won’t decide on anything.  Actually, he won’t even speak of it.   He spends all his time either playing on his computer(which is better than mine) or pretending to be any number of fictional characters.  My wife wants to do a theme, but all we have so far is dragon, and I don’t want to be a night.  Maybe we should be medieval monsters.  I could be a troll.   Any ideas?

Speaking of Halloween, you know what show would have great Halloween episodes?  Doctor Who.  some of the scariest modern monsters have originated from that series, and we don’t get to be severely creeped out because no one else celebrates Halloween.  Step it up, rest of the world.   I gots me some jeebies that need to be heebied.

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