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A little bit about the meantime.

Good morning, because by the time I finish this, it will be tomorrow.

First off, the results of the poll were evenly split between 15 and 25 patterns per book.  I, however, have about 30 patterns already in mind, so I’ll just hover around there.  Now it’s just down to concept sketches and making a Kickstarter for it.  Anyone have any ideas for cool, in theme, prizes?  If so, go ahead and let me know.  I’ll announce my ideas in a later post.

So, lately, I’ve taken up running, and I’m TRYING to get into bodyweight exercises, but the running is really where I’ve done well. I started a Couch to 5k last summer, and in February I ran Tough Mudder.  Then, about two weeks afterward, I twisted my ankle on a simple jog, then did it again about a month later.  As a result, I’ve been taking it easy on it, and now I’m ready to run again, but I don’t have headphones to fit with the phone I’m using right now, due to my regular phone having an epic break in it.  I really do miss running, and I really need to get back into it, but between the mentioned issues and the Arizona heat, it’s really difficult.  Which is sad.  Perhaps I should bite the bullet and find a way to join a gym.

And to close this up, I’ll impart on you a bit of business knowledge I’ve learned this past year onto you.  If you’re a custom artist, always go through the bit about your rules and make sure everything is clear.  I had a item ordered, glossed over my rules because they are a family friend, and gave a list of features I was thinking about.  Everything was ok’d and agreed upon, until it was delivered.  It’s not their fault they didn’t like it, but it is my fault I’ve broken so many of my rules in regards to redoing and not charging enough to make it actually worth the time I put into it.  Good news though, the recipient likes it.  And that’s about a quarter of the things I care about when I’m doing a project.  Maybe a fifth.  Top ten at least.  Anyway, I will not be doing discounted custom work for that particular client anymore, and I’m going to take the time to type up a statement and get it read and signed before I agree to anything anymore.

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