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Good Morning Everyone!


This was going to be a story post, however I am redoing the outline for the story in order to make it something I continue on into the far future.  I think that’d be something pretty unique for knitting blog to do.  I’ll probably have to work in a knitter at some point though.  Maybe.


You know what’s intimidating? Working for yourself.  Right now I’m (meekly) trying to ask indie dyers for yarn support, but I don’t really know how to do it in a manner that isn’t offensive or ridiculous.  Because if there’s anything I’ve learned about the words that come from my mouth, it’s that they aren’t well received.  So, in order to relax, I’m finally finishing up Bootcut Sweater/ Eleanor.  I have most of the cone of the last yarn my grandmother ever gave me in it, so it’s something I plan on wearing whenever possible.

But that’s just an aside.  Does anyone know of any indie dyers willing to work with an unpublished designer who is planning a big book as his premiere item? (Another aside, I will include the pattern three of you won in the book and still get the pattern to you, as well as another from the book as an apology for the world falling apart around me)  If you know of any, I’d super appreciate it if you could direct me towards them.   Because, as it is, my kickstarter goal will be about 15 grand.  Because I have some giant patterns.

Like an Entrelac comforter for a California king sized bed.  Or a union suit based off of an elder god. Minimalist shoes. Thigh highs.  And then there’s the price of a photographer.  I’m actually going to index the patterns, and have a section in which one can see the patterns together in outfits.  So this is going to be a thick book.  Which I hope will be successful.

Anyway, next post should feature the story.  I’m going to have longer bits for the story, and it’ll probably advance slower.  Just FYI.

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