Don't Forget To Knit Awesome!

Knitting our collective way out of a paper bag since 2011

Experimentalist designs.

I’m a experimentalist .  I knit.  I design, which kind of makes me a fashion designer.  I’m a dad, and a husband.  I’m very much a geek.  I write, and now I blog.  I will blog about writing, because I’m also a writer.  I will blog about living, about the stuff I mentioned before, and anything else that I end up blogging about.

Residing, for now, in the desert of American Southwest, I dream of a time when the awesomeness I knit can be worn year round.  In the mean time, I’will  publish my patterns and wait for some amazing knitters to send me pictures of them enjoying the resulting items.  Seriously, if you make one of my patterns, send me a photo.  I’ll get giddy and feel all flattered.  It’ll be amusing, at the very least.

This blog is my rambling attempt inform those who are interested in my life about my life and my brand “Don’t Forget To Knit Awesome.”  That being said, I probably should have done this section earlier.  My bad.  regardless, my posts of varying lengths and relevance will reveal to the whole wide word how things are, and where I am, going.  should be an interesting journey, and I’d appreciate you all encouraging me on with comments and patronage.

Drive me, because of the comment driven part...

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