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Half A Dozen Life Events Later, We Try Again.

So, to some up my life since my last post, I’ve lost my first and second designs, due to something (I don’t know what) I did, and then because I didn’t fit.  Obviously, such is the field.  Also, I’ve had a daughter, lost a friend to a drunk driver, and a few other huge things have happened.  Needless to say, I’ve been swamped and in a slump.  However, I’ve been reminded lately that there is an order to things, and I need to put some things in order.

So, I’m half working on a book of patterns, and more working on two books with different stories.  One is a fantasy, the other is a fictional journal.  The idea for the journal actually came to me in a dream last night, in it’s entirety.  Which is, like, the second time that’s ever happened to me. (That reminds me, I should write that one story, also, those four other ideas I’ve thought about.)

I’m heading to a book signing/publishing party on the 28th, the author being one of my mother’s professors who she has spoken about me to, has expressed interest in either my person or my writing, possibly both.  When my mother told me about that, I instinctively got paranoid about her interest in me, which was amusing to everyone in the room.  If you’re a reader that has actually met me in a social context, you’re probably not surprised in the least.

So, that ends my thoughts for this rambling return post.  I’d like to end on a quote from Winston Churchill, from an episode of Doctor Who.  “Keep Buggering On.”  That’s it.  But, it’s finally speaking volumes to me.


Mind Blowing

Hello everyone, either my regular readers, or those of you from sanguiknitie.  Welcome and browse happily!

It’s mind blowing to me that in less than three years I’ve actually progressed to the point where people want to know my story and want me on their blogs.  Just… utterly mind blowing.  I’m sitting here, chilling out before class, with a frogged three times design for a head band for a friend (made with super awesome Alpaca yarn) and a design coming out in a ezine in October, and I’m just flabbergasted.   As well as seriously behind in my Hemingway story.  Won’t lie, miss doing that story, I’ve just been freakishly busy.  I’ll be back with regular updates now.

So, about this head band.  I have this super great, super complicated and fancy design in mind, and that’s not at all what my customer wants.  She wants 1-3 flowers and enough width and length to fit her head.  As such, I’ve been fighting myself each step of the way.  And I’m going at this with needles way too long, because those are the only 5’s I have.  Such is the life I pursue.

I’m back in school this semester.  I have a sewing class, a children’s lit class, 3 business classes, a cycling class, and a blacksmithing class.  Pick my major out of that.  Winner get’s props.  Anyway, the cycling class kicks my butt so hard, that my new glasses fog up on my face.  I love it.  Between that and Children’s Lit in the mornings, Monday Wednesdays and Fridays are the days I look super forward to currently.  Not that blacksmithing and sewing days are horrible.   Except that my sewing teacher says “h-white.”   When that’s not a joke, it actually really bugs me.  Can’t tell you why.

Ok, I seriously have to go get ready for class,

GL Blumenshine

So here’s some news and some resolutions.

I may have mentioned, I had a pattern accepted.  And I’m super happy about it.  I’ve also received my first rejection, but it came back with positive feed back.  And since them, I’ve submitted 7 more patterns.  The last two of which were submitted mere seconds ago.  I’ll give you a preview that reveals nothing of one of them.

That, my friends, is a door stop, and freaking sweet. It's also a monkey fist knot.

Anyway, I got some cool hats for xmas.  And new, awesome, TMNT headphones.  Also, some superman cartoons for me (read: for my son.)  That hat’s are both the same kind of hat, but one is black leather and black fur, the other is a Michelangelo themed one with green on the outside, bright orange fur, and Ninja Turtle eyes on the forehead.  Challenge- find the kind of hats I now own.  They’re warm and awesome.  What did you guys get?  I know that Jasmine got some “not making my wife the present we discussed, but not telling me about it, cause she’s a tool.”  So, I hope she’s enjoying that.

The most recent submission person just got back to me, and it looks good, but no real news yet.  So, fingers crossed and well wishes, or whatever you do for that kind of stuff.

I mentioned resolutions in my title, so let’s hit those off.

1. At least 10 accepted submissions

2. Make (undisclosed amount of money)  by (redacted).  That one is kind of private, so don’t tell a lot of people.

3. Just write a freaking book already, then send it to a publisher.  It’s not like I don’t have the stories or the resources.

4. Get the perfect tablet.  Probably relies on 2.

5.  Just be a freaking awesome person.


I think 5 is enough.  Anyone feel like sharing there resolutions?

And a last bit of news:  My wife is preggers with our second child.  Due July 25th.  I’m pretty excited.  We don’t know the gender, yet, but as long as it’s healthy, it’s cool with me.

My toes are cold and I’m wearing rag wool socks and boots,

GL Blumenshine.

This past week.

Look at all those colors. And unweaved ends.

I’m so very unclear on what exactly this past week was, but it certainly happened.  I got my first acceptance, and I served as a best man at a shotgun wedding.  Also, I’ve had flashes of synesthesia, as well as other unpleasantness.  However, It has brought about the destruction of my trying to keep a update schedule on this blog.  I’ll continue to post stories once a week, and just update you guys on my knitting as is fit.

So, about that boot cut sweater I’m making.  The return to my temp job has cut down the time I knit a bit, but as it’s a busy project, there really isn’t a problem.  Really, I should be working on five swatches, but I don’t really like relaxation enough to do that.  Go figure, right?   But, my job keeping me busy has given me another idea on something to design and then submit.  Bike/WWII themed no less.  So, I’m going to adore it.  Beyond that, I hope it is received well and accepted.

You know what’s an awesome moment?

When your project finally stretches easily around your circs.

Alright, I’m going to go do some firewood cutting.


GL Blumenshine

Okay. More story.

This room, guys.  It had dozens of shelves, some as high as 20 feet tall.  The shelves were as eclectic as the books filling them.  As I walked around, utterly enthralled,  I saw titles in a hundred languages.  The titles I could read dealt with subjects from Anthropology, to theoretical economic implications of Zoltron.  I flipped through various books in languages I couldn’t read, and they had wonderful diagrams.  Diagrams that would look amazing on the wall of an sort of building.  As I reached for my phone to get a picture of a particularly fantastic one, I relaized I had left my phone behind.  Which, in turn, reminded me that I wasn’t chilling in an awesome room.  I remembered that I was, in fact, running for my life.

I rushed back to the door, and hey, there’s no knob.  The door didn’t open from the inside.  And that’s super frightening.  This wasn’t a bedroom, it was a prison.  A really comfy and pretty one, but a prison without windows or a bathroom.  So, naturally, I trapped myself inside it.   And yet, I was drawn back to the books.  I did a kind of emotional shrug, and went back to the shelves.  I browsed for a bit, to find the most interesting English book.  When I found it, I pulled it, sat on the bed, and read.

I read deeply.  I had always done that.  My entire life, I was able to fall deeply into anything with pages.  Before I learned to read, I flip through art and architecture books.  I’d wistfully admire the brushstrokes and brick facades.  Eventually, I learned to read.  Everything.  Pamphlets, catalogs, books, magazines, and comics.  Textbooks, I didn’t do homework, but I’d read the whole damn thing.

Then suddenly, I heard the screech of tires.  And I was 17 again.  And everyone around me was covered in blood.  Why was I at prom again?

How Did I Miss These Cookies?!?

I was the "Awesome Ranger." That's the non-preppy Green Ranger that was also Batman and Superman.

I saw this when I was perusing a Goodwill here-abouts.  All I could think was how had I missed these cookies as a kid.  The only isles I went to in stores when this show existed were cookies, candy, and toys.   Obviously, every adult in the world conspired against me.  Which makes me think the cookies would have given me powers.

Anyway, still waiting on the two submission answers, and I’m about to start drawing up the next one I plan on submitting.  I’m looking forward to this next one, because it’s a pattern I really like and am pretty proud of,  in regards to design and proposed functionality.  Can’t say much about it, but I will when I can.  Probably.

I completed the first sleeve of the boot cut sweater I’m re-trying.  I have started the second sleeve, as you can see below.  I’m leaving ever end out, and I’ve put in a lot of scraps of yarn from other skeins and projects.  I think it’s kind of a protest to The Man of knitting, but it may just be because I’m unique in the sense that I’m also insane.  Anyway, the more astute of you may have noticed, somehow, that the directions for this sweater actually say to to do the sleeves after most f the body.  i’m aware of that, I just don’t really care.  I screwed up so badly last time, that I wanted to get the sleeves done to make sure I did it all correctly this time.  Which, so far, I have.  I’m pretty excited about not having screwed it up.  It’s amazingly gratifying.

Hey, look how blurry this sleeve is! It's like it's the Bigfoot of sleeves! Or, I'm not a super good photographer.

That's some nice, kind of itchy, Goodwill unprocessed wool yarn right there. I actually love it. Fun to work with.

I have reduced my daily goal by half on this sweater.  One hundred rows just wasn’t working.  On smaller projects, that’ll probably be the goal I do, but 50 is plenty enough progress for a sweater.  There aren’t many rows, anyway.  Besides, it’s just a busy work project,  so there’s not really a rush to it.  Once I finish it, I won’t have any busy work.  Which would be sad.

Right, other things to do.


GL Blumenshine

100 rows a day? Isn’t that spelled “Masochism?” Probably

Starting this sweater over. Pretty excited about it.

So, yeah,  I’m setting the goal of a hundred rows a day on every project I start.  From now until the end of time.  Because I’ve noticed that if I count towards a goal, I knit a whole lot faster.  And right now, to keep myself from going insane, I’m going to redo this sweater that I accidentally knitted for a really fat giant (Gauge is so freaking important.)  However, I’m well aware that if every submissions I submit gets accepted, I’m going to be lucky if this is a birthday present to myself. My birthday being in October, as a hint to how long I’m projecting for this to take.

I don’t have so much xmas knitting this year.  However, I literally just remembered two dice bags I have to make…. That just doubles, or triples my project.  Depending on how Ms. Jasmine decides on the thing I pitched at her when she was here.  In those regards, text me you Oregon hording sloth.

Don't I have the most beautiful, soulless blue eyes?


That’s the final outcome of a biking mask I made last year.  It’s premiering here before FB,  so feel special.  The black is a OOAK cashmere yarn called “carbon fiber”  so I had to own it.   The red is from a friend, the tiny bit of green at the bottom is from some slippers I made.  The white and bright green are from Australia, from a knitting/comic swap.  It’s really just the best thing for biking at high speeds in cold weather.  I rarely get to use in here in AZ, but when I do, it’s the best thing ever.  Someday, when I move to a super cold and wet place, I”m going to rock this so often.  You don’t even know.

Alrighty, I have to go scan some thing, and then finish up a submission.  I don’t know if this one is going to be accepted, as it’s way more complicated than everything else they have on their site, but it’s certainly worth the try.


GL Blumenshine

Apparently, it’s busy Monday!

No story, but I’ve got some pictures.  Why?  Because I’m pretty busy doing things.  I’m running the last laps of my online class, as well as bunch of errands earlier.  Then, and also right freaking now, I’m writing up some submissions.  I shipped my first one today, but I’ve got to do emails with it.  All of this with a broken mouse button on my laptop.

That’s right, I clicked so awesome, so many times, that I’ve broken the most used button.  Awkward.  However, PICTURES!

Remember that lunchbox I was making?  It’s way too big to be practical.  Oops.  Here, see?

That gray yarn is left over from one of the bags I made for Bohemian Chic. The rest being actual t shirts.

But it makes a decent knitting bag. And I could always use another good bag.


And to change the pace a bit, here’s a picture of my mom’s tiny, blind dog helping me knit.

Professor Dudington, He teaches how to scratch at your face until you give yourself cataracs, and barking at any and every noise.

There’s also a nice shot of my son wreaking havoc in his diaper in the background.  You may think he’s innocently playing with blocks, but no.  His birthday was yesterday, which means he’s three now.  Which, in turn, means everything he’s done up to this point was plotting.


But, seriously, I’ve got to jet.

GL Blumenshine

See, it really is just freakishly big for a lunch box.

Making a lunchbox!

So, first off, Monday didn’t get a story because of my wife’s best friend, who will read this sentence.  Jasmine, watch Grimm.  just freaking do it.

Anyway,  I’m making myself a lunchbox/windmill bag out of tarn.  If you recall, that’s cut up t-shirts made into yarn.  I got most of the shirts from random free shirts you get on college campuses.  So, essentially,  I’m getting a super cool free bag that will make the people at my temp. job pretty jealous.   Speaking of that temp. job, I’ve been rehired as a temp again.  I expect it’ll be very much the same, but I’ll just be less likely to let people be mean to me.  Coworkers, I mean, not customers.  In retail, you should expect to get horrible customers, so every good customer is a gift from god.



Have a good Thanksgiving, everyone.  Pictures of the bag on Saturday.

GL Blumenshine


Gotta Love My Swatchin.

Specifically because you read my blog!

Today, because I’m done with the bags, marks the start of a long time of swatching and designing.  Which i’m excited about.  Submissions, things I’ve promised people, Christmas presents, and other goodies.  One of which is for me, which is always nice.  However, I’m secretly more looking forward to impressing everyone with the things I make.  Because my ego could always use a good stroke.

So, currently, I’m working on a present and a submission.  I’m going back and forth between them, because the sub. si on sock yarn, so it’s small enough to give me a headache after a few minutes working on it.  And the fact that I continue working on it makes me either stubborn, hard working, or just a masochist.  Whatever’s clever, as long as I get it done and it’s not horrible.  I figure I should have the sub. swatch and design done and sent by Wednesday.  And then I can move onto the next one.  Then the next, and so on, then focus on all my presents.  Which, if I just down energy drinks like air, and knit on the lunch breaks of this job I’m about to return to, I can get done in time.  Possibly.  I have no doubts about my ablility, but I doubt that space/time can take that kind of pounding.

Admittedly, I punch space/time in and bout the face an awful lot.  I tend to treat it pretty horribly.  I don’t understand why it keeps coming back, trying to apply to me and my workings.  I spent high school drawing up plans for a perpetual motion machine, which annoys my brother to no end for some reason, and just progressed from there.  Someday, logically, I shall progress to making it work for me.  That’s really the only way it can go at this point.  Unless I’m a crazy person.


GL Blumenshine

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