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Winners, and

Congrats to Christina, Olivia, and Linda for being those chosen by my dice to win my completed the pattern!   It’s a quick knit, and a handy bag.  I’ll contact you each via your info separately.   And, as for the name of the pattern, My Gravity Bag got more votes than the other two combined.    So, I’ll soon be releasing the pattern for “My Gravity Bag,” stay tuned.

Yesterday, when I woke up, my brain started freaking out before I was really able to form whole thoughts.  SO, for a moment there, I bolted upright and looked around, and when I finally figured out why, it was because I had assumed that Sunday was Tuesday, and I had missed doing this update.  Obviously, I was wrong.  I’m actually just impressed that my subconscious is so worried about me being punctual.  For years(read high school,)  I was only worried about being on time if being late meant I didn’t get things.  And now I’m worrying about being timely in my sleep.  Odd progression.

So, I’m working on another bag, which is one of my projects for myself, and I’ve charted out a nice looking celtic knot cable pattern.  This is maybe my fourth cable project, and the first I’ve designed myself.  So, of course, it’s more complicated than anything I’ve tried before.  However, I’m going to look cool with this mounted on my hip, full of knitting and books and knives.  It just hit me that I carry around some weird things.

I cut myself the other day.  Just a small nick, but it’s right where my yarn goes over my index finger to keep tension.  I’ll admit, I despise using band aids, but I had to to keep from bloodying up my yarn.  My son had my back though.  I ended up with this:

A little blurier than I like, but you get the idea.

That is the Dark Knight punching tension into my yarn.  That’s how knitting should work all of the time.

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