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Out Of Nowhere

It’s pretty obvious that most things in life happen out of nowhere.  Not a lot of people get warning that x is going to happen, that y won’t happen, or whatever.  When I signed up to work at the Renaissance Festival seven years ago, I didn’t I’d meet my wife my first weekend and crush on her for years before I’d ask her out.  I have no idea how this blog got 210 followers, because the last time I looked, it was closer to 8.  It may have been less than that.

So, what do we do when we get fired from out dream job twice, have a new kid, lose a best friend,  and save a life?  Mostly, I just do more exercising  knitting, and reading.  I’m not doing school this semester, largely because I really don’t want to go to school for something that will make me miserable,  and I’m working less than part time, yet more than not at all.    Therefore, I have a lot of free time, which I’m probably not using as well as I should.  I’ve started a garden, which takes a bit of my focus and free time, but not really enough to make me feel productive.  So, by this time next week, I’ll have a pattern written up and ready to submit it to a technical editor.

And, here’s my out of nowhere idea.  I’m going to let my numerous followers vote on what to name it.  It’s a bag with a gravity based strap/closure system.   I will give you three options, and just go ahead and comment with your vote.  Bonus feature- If you include your name, I’ll draw three of you at random (using my rpg dice) on this coming Monday, September 24th, at 9 pm, then I will announce the winners so they can get in touch with me on Tuesday, September 25th.  As for the prize,  I’ll send you three the pattern for free, once it’s finished. Completely free,  in a nice envelope or email, and completely up to each of you whether or not you enter.   Sound good?

The choices-  The Quick Break Bag: The Original Be Awesome Bag:  My Gravity Bag.   Again, comment with your vote.  Include your name to enter to win the pattern for free when I finish it up.  I’m looking forward to (hopefully) hearing from you guys.

And A Week Later…

Wow.  Sorry about the being absent thing.  Weird week.  Beyond the weirdness, nothing to explain to you.  Just weird.

I got a new dog on Sunday, his name is MacGyver.  He’s super chill.  Like it’s-hard-to-get-him-riled-up-to-rough-house-level-super chill. I’m sure he’ll loosen up.  He’s part Lab and part Chow Chow, so he’s pretty big.  But, enough about him.

Yesterday, I delivered my first bag to the store chain that will be carrying them.  The yarn had a whole lot of negative ease, so the bag was super small, but I believe it would stretch to be bigger than the bag I made for myself/to remember the pattern.  There wasn’t a theme to that one, but the one I’m working on now is themed as “seeing a fawn through thick forest.”  I’m excited about it.   The next one is going to be themed “color explosion.”   Then a “Kiwi Sucker Punch” and “Neon Watermelon.”  For the last two, I actually have a huge roll of some nice fabric that I’m going to tie dye then cut into strips.  So they’ll actually be upcycled.  Then, if she enjoys that idea, I’m going to pitch more upcycled ideas to her.

In other news, I desperately need a realistic artist to draw up what I plan some of my patterns to look like.  Desperately. Otherwise, I won’t be able to participate in a Steampunk themed street fair in November. Which I would really like to do.  I’ve about exhausted my resources, which is asking people I know to help me out with it.


On Monday I’ll have another super long story entry for you guys,


Some Pictures!

As I tweeted yesterday, I have an order of five of my bags (the first two pics are the front and back of the one I made my wife) and I’m amazed.   I have that condition, called “perfectionism”, that makes me despise the things I make because I KNOW they have at east one tiny little imperfection.  Which is deplorable.  But, as my darling and amazing wife repeated points out, I’m actually pretty good at this whole knitting thing.  Which would explain why my fried Luis is so excited that I designed and knit that beanie for his brother, and will be releasing it as a free pattern for cancer patients.  I’m going to call it “The Beat Beanie.”  This one was knitted in Patton’s Bamboo Silk yarn, so it’s going to feel wondrous.  I’m using the leftovers to make another beanie, which I will then rock.


The other pictures are of Hemingway, obviously, and of Spaz in her vest I made her for Christmas.  Takes her a long time to model things for me, or to do anything productive, really.  Meh.   Well, I have to get back to being grown up and responsible.  Later!

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