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Personal Challenges, Energy Drinks, and Fear in the eyes of a salesman. (All without appropriate segues.)

So, I’ll explain to you guys why I’m a good knitter.   Lots of others say I’m great, but I have a few glaring mistakes.  But, the reason I’m good at it is that every challenging pattern I see is a personal challenge.   Like, say, a coat kit with insane cables is the designer’s way of saying “GL, I bet you can’t get this done.  Cause you’re lame.”  than I do it, and feel embarrassed that I heard a picture and some words talking smack at me.  Because that’s a crazy person thing, you see.  Inanimate objects talking to you.  (Shut up, Watch!  Just because you having moving hands doesn’t make you sentient!)   And that’s why I always have needles and yarn not far from me, and a queue longer than my arm.

Energy drinks, right?  During school, I tend to avoid them unless I absolutely need them.  Being a father of a toddler who really tries to split duties with his wife, that’s like six times a week, but still,  I attempt to avoid them.  But during the summer, I really just want to spend my whole day downing them.  It’s not like I’m doing anything except the odd class or designing like 16 different patterns to release, but I don’t really need to down a 5 hour energy and a Xenergy to do that.  What is it about the three digit temperatures that make me want to work like a coked up ferret?  Science, I’m looking at you.

Here’s a story for you guys.  I went to Best Buy to look for a tablet.  I had a list of requirements, and as I was going through them, my son it in my arms rambling about a sign.  The salesman started off thinking he could help me, but as I progressed further into what I need and why,  fear crept into his eyes.  Not just fear, but F E A R.  He started to panic and, as I know for a fact is the default in the situation for sales people, he just ran me through all the tablets they had in stock.  So after, number three,  I slowly explained what I wanted again, and he gave up.  He said there wasn’t really anything that had everything I wanted.  Then, as I was leaving, he sighed in relief.  Here’s the thing, this always happens when I know what I want.   I love face to face sales, when I’m not selling.

Now, I request that you, my humble readers, give me a suggestion on something to design for a free pattern to get people interested in my patterns.  Let loose in the comments!

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