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The Monday Before The Tuesday After Today

How many Vegans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?   I’m better than you.

I’ve been knitting so much lately that I’m starting to wear on myself with it.  So, this temp job I’m starting Thursday ought to help me get motivated again.  Nothing makes me want to knit like everything else a grown up has to do.

So, check this out.  Knitting’s on there. Good to know.

Here is one of my favorite yarn sources.  I feel like I can share them with you, and you won’t snipe all the yarns I want.  I’m trusting you guys here.

Alright.  Videos.  What shall we theme today on?

Wait!  Here’s a video I remember from high school.  With knitting!

Oh, hey, I have a new challenge, because the appreciating people on facebook didn’t work out.  This is how it goes.  I subscribe to 4 monthly mags, and haven’t actually read any of them in 6 months.  So, for this next month, I’m going to try to read 20 back issues of my mags.  If nothing else, this will get me out of bed before 4 in the afternoon.  Which we can all appreciate.

Well, without more comments to drive my comment driven section, I can’t really tell you guys about each other’s favorite quirky yarns.  We’ll put a pin in that request for a while I guess.  Anything random you guys want to let me know right now?  Then post it.


GL Blumenshine

Random today? Yes.

Hey guys,  welcome to today.  It’s Monday, so it’s Random Content Monday.  No much to say to today, but I’ll make sure you have some interesting things to distract yourself with.  Also, some stuff from some comments!  Let’s go to work.

My friend’s completely inspirational blog

Comment suggestion 1

Working retail?

Batman: The Brave and the Bold combines two of my favorite things EVER.

Besides our random content, I’d just like to say I wish I had maid bots, like from the The Jetsons.

I’ll blog you later,

GL Blumenshine






Happy Fourth, Sans Fireworks, Plus Penguins!

I had to pull that wagon for three blocks full of my dog and my son.

Scooby (my dog), Case (my kid) and me (The Power Ranger)

Happy Birthday America!  Less than half of the founding fathers signed the Declaration on July 4th, but I figure it’s like getting the birth certificate signed late by half the doctors.  However, tonight is dusty and stormy, so I don’t think any fireworks went off.  Officially sanctioned ones anyway.  I’m sure lots of people set off their newly legal in AZ fireworks.  For freedom, you see.  The wife and I went to see Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and it was awesome.  I almost always enjoy Jim Carey’s work, and this was no exception.  Getting old though, which means I, too, am aging.  Weird.

Speaking of me aging, I had a sophmore in high school doing a college class with me this summer.  He has never used floppy disks.  Never played Oregon Trail.  Doesn’t remember Ghostwriter or the original Power Rangers (seen below.)  Blew my mind.

Now on to Random content for the day.

That fleet footed young man resides at the Calgary Zoo

Guinness Records worthy fireworks display

Awesome Video I really enjoyed.  By the guys @ Red Giant.

So go on and enjoy your world, and leave comments to tell me about it!  When we get a good number going, I’m going to redo that contest.  Until then fair readers…

Be Excellent to Each Other,

GL Blumenshine.

Random Content Mondays- Commence

Welcome to the first Random Content Monday! Ideally, I’ll post awesome thing readers send me in an attempt to expand our worlds.  However, right now, I’m going to post a video tweeted by @yarnpr0n  and made by one Robert Showalter.  It was his thesis.  And it’s heartwarming

So, as an update to the free pattern I will post, no votes yet.  I’m going to pause that until I actually get readers.  Which makes sense.  I probably should have waited for that in the first place

In pattern news,  I’ve majorly edited two sweater design, come up with a vague bag idea (It’s a d20 look) and came up with two scarves.  One of the scarves is based on the origin myth of ancient Rome, so it’s going to be mosaic  looking.  The other scarf will tell a story and be double knit.  Also, it’s a Mobius Strip.  So, neither of my scarves are beginner projects  And, dear readers, the more you get to know me, the more you’ll recognize the glee I get from doing things like that.  I’m constantly seriously considering making every light switch in my house into a Rube Goldberg contraption.  Speaking of which, here’s some more random content.

Music Video for “This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go

by Youtube user allonewordplease

If you readers have any favorite Rube Goldberg devices, please go ahead and link them, or share them, in the comments.  If I get any, I’ll toss the best up next Monday!

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades,


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