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10 things I knit/crochet about you. And by “about”, I mean “for”. Obviously.

I may not have mentioned to one and all, but I used to crochet things for pocket money in what little of high school I attended. (You see, I dropped out to avoid the people and the same classes I did in elementary and junior high and went right to doing horribly in college @ 17)   During all my time knitting and crocheting, I’ve made a fair number of gifts.  Let’s get ten out there today.  With pictures for a solid 80% of them!  Conviently, for me, these will be in a slide show, then in the list.  Enjoy!

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1.  The one I’m most proud of, my first sweater.  For my son, Case.

2.  This pattern is form an awesome comic about knitting and crocheting super heroes, and it was for my wife.

3.  Then this one was for my friend, the whom you can Google and get me a result,  because he’s big and scary and needed pockets to go outside and smoke in his underwears.

4.  No pictures for this one, but an interesting story.  The whole reason I learned to crochet was so I could give my girlfriend at the time a hand knit blanket.  I bought 25 dollars worth of Red Heart cuddly something or other, and set about going crazy with the hook.  I didn’t cont stitches, and didn’t use a pattern.  So, obviously,  I ended up with a lumpy, wavy, red thing. It was roughly two feet in width and 12 in length, so I quickly made a little square patch and attached it to the end with some some small buttons that fit through the stitches and called it a robe.  And she actually liked it and wore it.  So there’s a moral for you.  Even if you screw everything up, if you give it someone who loves you, they’ll like it.  Unless they suck.  and cont your stitches.  And perhaps your first project should come form a pattern.  Okay, Three morals.  Whatever.  you’re life is better for this story.

5, 6, 7 and 8.  Dice bags for Christmas!  In order of left to right, first then second pic, Batman’s ex,  Batman, Nightwing Skywalker, nd  Lori-who-refuses-all-nicknames.

9.  The caution tape bag you see in my pic currently.  I made this for the very same girl showing off the scarf I made when I was pissed at the pants I’m making.

And 10.  All the beanies I made in high school.  No pictures, but I mention these because I only charged for like 60% of them, and a third of those were never delivered  because I was just so unmemorable that people forget they gave me money.  that like… 10 bucks (at 5 a hat) I made free there.  Man I hated high school.

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