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This 40 hour a week job looks more like 8.

You may remember that I  got hired recently, and that I haven’t been treated the best.  No worries, it’s retail and it’s very in par with all my other experiences in the field.  But, all hires were told we’d be getting 40 hours a week, and we’re all at around 8.  My wife managed to pick up another shift on Saturday, which will bring her work week to a whopping 3 days.

The result of all this has been, surprisingly, that I’m less inclined to knit, and more inclined to surf the same 10 or 15 sites repeatedly.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the sites and the internet as a whole, but I’ve got things to do, and this job sucking out my motivation… sucks.  And, the constant standing bruises the balls of my feet.  But, whatever, job’s a job and there’s no use hating it.  I have other pokers in the fire.

The slow, unmotivated knitting, is making this initial pattern release date very iffy.  I may end up releasing a bunch of patterns in the next few months, or one a month for a number of months.  I’d rather do the first, but the second could work as well, I would hazard.  The best way I’m keeping myself motivated is that I’m going to knit myself this (which isn’t really shown to it’s full effect on the first page…) I’m looking forward to that, and to the next design.  And the one after that, etc.

Strugglingly motivated,

GL Blumenshine

10 things I knit/crochet about you. And by “about”, I mean “for”. Obviously.

I may not have mentioned to one and all, but I used to crochet things for pocket money in what little of high school I attended. (You see, I dropped out to avoid the people and the same classes I did in elementary and junior high and went right to doing horribly in college @ 17)   During all my time knitting and crocheting, I’ve made a fair number of gifts.  Let’s get ten out there today.  With pictures for a solid 80% of them!  Conviently, for me, these will be in a slide show, then in the list.  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1.  The one I’m most proud of, my first sweater.  For my son, Case.

2.  This pattern is form an awesome comic about knitting and crocheting super heroes, and it was for my wife.

3.  Then this one was for my friend, the whom you can Google and get me a result,  because he’s big and scary and needed pockets to go outside and smoke in his underwears.

4.  No pictures for this one, but an interesting story.  The whole reason I learned to crochet was so I could give my girlfriend at the time a hand knit blanket.  I bought 25 dollars worth of Red Heart cuddly something or other, and set about going crazy with the hook.  I didn’t cont stitches, and didn’t use a pattern.  So, obviously,  I ended up with a lumpy, wavy, red thing. It was roughly two feet in width and 12 in length, so I quickly made a little square patch and attached it to the end with some some small buttons that fit through the stitches and called it a robe.  And she actually liked it and wore it.  So there’s a moral for you.  Even if you screw everything up, if you give it someone who loves you, they’ll like it.  Unless they suck.  and cont your stitches.  And perhaps your first project should come form a pattern.  Okay, Three morals.  Whatever.  you’re life is better for this story.

5, 6, 7 and 8.  Dice bags for Christmas!  In order of left to right, first then second pic, Batman’s ex,  Batman, Nightwing Skywalker, nd  Lori-who-refuses-all-nicknames.

9.  The caution tape bag you see in my pic currently.  I made this for the very same girl showing off the scarf I made when I was pissed at the pants I’m making.

And 10.  All the beanies I made in high school.  No pictures, but I mention these because I only charged for like 60% of them, and a third of those were never delivered  because I was just so unmemorable that people forget they gave me money.  that like… 10 bucks (at 5 a hat) I made free there.  Man I hated high school.

The Monday Before The Tuesday After Today

How many Vegans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?   I’m better than you.

I’ve been knitting so much lately that I’m starting to wear on myself with it.  So, this temp job I’m starting Thursday ought to help me get motivated again.  Nothing makes me want to knit like everything else a grown up has to do.

So, check this out.  Knitting’s on there. Good to know.

Here is one of my favorite yarn sources.  I feel like I can share them with you, and you won’t snipe all the yarns I want.  I’m trusting you guys here.

Alright.  Videos.  What shall we theme today on?

Wait!  Here’s a video I remember from high school.  With knitting!

Oh, hey, I have a new challenge, because the appreciating people on facebook didn’t work out.  This is how it goes.  I subscribe to 4 monthly mags, and haven’t actually read any of them in 6 months.  So, for this next month, I’m going to try to read 20 back issues of my mags.  If nothing else, this will get me out of bed before 4 in the afternoon.  Which we can all appreciate.

Well, without more comments to drive my comment driven section, I can’t really tell you guys about each other’s favorite quirky yarns.  We’ll put a pin in that request for a while I guess.  Anything random you guys want to let me know right now?  Then post it.


GL Blumenshine

Matt Damon say I need glasses.

I wish it would rain here.  Apparently, some parts of my horrible,  hot, smelly town have gotten rain, but not us.  And that’s desert for you.   Someday,  I will live in a wonderful, wet, cold place where my knitting can be worn through out the year.  That’s a dream for me.  Just a little something for you guys to learn about me.

I’m watching The Adjustment Bureau, and I love it.  The way in which to make the world the way you want it is to be willful and improvise.  Also, wear a hat and punch guys.  That’s awesome.  If it included knitting and geeking out, I’d be golden for all of time.  Also, Matt Damon looks good with a hat.  I’d like to think I look good in a hat, but I usually have to have some glasses on to even out the look.  Which, considering that I need glasses, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.   Moral of the story?  Matt Damon has justified me needing glasses.  Science!

As a reassurance, I do in fact have a free project in mind now, I will release it the same week that I release my first paid pattern.  Also, I will post it all over “teh interwebs”, as they say in “the business”, to direct people this way.  So leave awesome comments so othesr are encouraged to do so as well.  Because, obviously, it’s all the awesome comments that makes people like the blog, not the content.  Don’t be ridiculous.  Seriously, guys.  It’s all up to you.  Like vigilante justice.  And Matt Damon.

So the comment request today is:  Tell me about your favorite “weird” kind of yarn.  Thick and thin?  Latter Lace?  Variegated centered around a specific character in a specific something?  Hand painted dog fur?  Let your quirky side filter through my comments this time.  I’ll see if I can’t find some pictures or stories relating to each of the mentioned items for Monday.

We could all use some gourmet chocolate after that post,

GL Blumenshine

Distractio- Hey I Own Video Games!!!!

Last night, I was all set to knit some on the prototype I have going (Suspense!) when my friend (If you Google his name, I’m literally the third result) brought over some original Xbox games, an original xbox, and an Army of Darkness comics Omnibus (It’s so freaking cool!  Like, you have no idea how happy I am about it.  Reality can’t handle it.)    After after 20 minutes, we couldn’t hook up the xbox because my tv is too new (It’s one of those 4 base colors sets.  It’s really big, but my wife wouldn’t let me get the 60 inch.  She said we didn’t need it, but seriously, how could we not need it?  She won.)  So, I ended up rocking Batman: Arkham Asylum(They’ve got DLC with different outfits for him.  You can rock the movie costumes, a Green Lantern Costume, or a Captain America costume. Even Batman Beyond costume.  I don’t have any of it, but I must get it.) until 3 am.  Which left no time for knitting.  And that was disappointing.

I totally got hired at my old university’s book store for a temp.  job.  It’s amusing because I rocked my interview, and the dude next to me did less well, and they hired us both.  Which makes me feel like they’re just desperate for cashiers to check out books in the insane rush of the beginning of the school year.  And that’s probably totally accurate.  Which is cool.   The pay is going to help me even out some bills, and get supplies for more prototypes.  And that’s good for everybody.  Right?

Let me know your favorite/most dire distractions in the comments?  I’d appreciate being amused by them.  Thanks guys!

Unti- Let’s go ride our bikes!

GL Blumenshine

Random HP-ish Monday!

Today, I will HP the crap out of you.  But first, I would like to say that I finally had reason to use an Xenergy today.  And that the textbooks I no longer need are officially worth crap, or less than 17 dollars.  depending on the book.

Also, this is my friend Morgen.  She talks, knits, and presents neanderthal genes.  Like me.  Only she’s a lady. Not like me. (SCIENCE!!)

I love the current giant yarn trend going on.  Here’s one.  Another.

I have no idea what JK is doing here, but I sincerely hope it’s an ARG 

 There’s a better video, I’ve seen it, but I now can’t find it.  Anyway, look in the bottom left hand corner of the scene.

Elder wand pattern  You have to sign up for Lion Brands’ stuff, but they’re pretty decent actually.

This depresses me.  Let’s all have a little bit of silence for that.  I realize that the future of retail online, if only so the workers don’t have to deal with these people, but I will miss it.

Now, the comment request.  What scene/plot line in the movies would you get rid of for which scene/plot line left out of the movies?  It’s been too long since I read the books, so I can’t remember.  However, I would like to see who is doing “the hiding” in the closet on that map scene up there.

And finally, here’s some photos of that scarf that I knit because I was pissed at the pajama pants I’m designing.  (Totally updated my ravelry queue whilst I was finding the link up there.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.





Personal Challenges, Energy Drinks, and Fear in the eyes of a salesman. (All without appropriate segues.)

So, I’ll explain to you guys why I’m a good knitter.   Lots of others say I’m great, but I have a few glaring mistakes.  But, the reason I’m good at it is that every challenging pattern I see is a personal challenge.   Like, say, a coat kit with insane cables is the designer’s way of saying “GL, I bet you can’t get this done.  Cause you’re lame.”  than I do it, and feel embarrassed that I heard a picture and some words talking smack at me.  Because that’s a crazy person thing, you see.  Inanimate objects talking to you.  (Shut up, Watch!  Just because you having moving hands doesn’t make you sentient!)   And that’s why I always have needles and yarn not far from me, and a queue longer than my arm.

Energy drinks, right?  During school, I tend to avoid them unless I absolutely need them.  Being a father of a toddler who really tries to split duties with his wife, that’s like six times a week, but still,  I attempt to avoid them.  But during the summer, I really just want to spend my whole day downing them.  It’s not like I’m doing anything except the odd class or designing like 16 different patterns to release, but I don’t really need to down a 5 hour energy and a Xenergy to do that.  What is it about the three digit temperatures that make me want to work like a coked up ferret?  Science, I’m looking at you.

Here’s a story for you guys.  I went to Best Buy to look for a tablet.  I had a list of requirements, and as I was going through them, my son it in my arms rambling about a sign.  The salesman started off thinking he could help me, but as I progressed further into what I need and why,  fear crept into his eyes.  Not just fear, but F E A R.  He started to panic and, as I know for a fact is the default in the situation for sales people, he just ran me through all the tablets they had in stock.  So after, number three,  I slowly explained what I wanted again, and he gave up.  He said there wasn’t really anything that had everything I wanted.  Then, as I was leaving, he sighed in relief.  Here’s the thing, this always happens when I know what I want.   I love face to face sales, when I’m not selling.

Now, I request that you, my humble readers, give me a suggestion on something to design for a free pattern to get people interested in my patterns.  Let loose in the comments!

I’ll move your TV for a burger.

True story.  Just got back from doing that.  Helped my uncle move his big screen.  But, the burger had to be Carl’s Jr., or no deal.  That burger was the highlight of my day.  I didn’t do much else, so that’s not AS sad.  Anyway, down to blogness.

Last night, I had to restart a project I’m making a pattern for again.  It’s the second time it’s turned into a mobius strip, and, understandably, I got a little pissed.  So, I knit a whole scarf in anger.   That’s just how I roll, guys.  I knit so I don’t kill people.  I create to prevent my destruction.  Because, man, I’d destroy whole cities.  The only thing holding me back is YARN.  Think about it.

So, my appreciate your friends on FB campaign is going great.  I’m actually wording some not so awesome things to appreciate someone into words a little less hurtful.  Which isn’t what I intended with this, but is a nice by product.   Now, somewhat in the same vein, how do I choose which friends that I knit which prototype for?  I don’t need all of them (unless I move somewhere not horrible.)   Suggestions?

Did you guys know that a copyright only costs 35 bucks in the US?  SO, when my patterns come out, they’ll always be copyrighted.  Oh!  In regards to that video I tweeted about earlier, it will be a surprise… After I get, you know, a video camera and some editing software for a single web video that has nothing to do with my brand.  So, kind of soon.  Look forward to it!

To infinity and, like, 3 blocks further and the first house on the left,

GL Blumenshine

Random today? Yes.

Hey guys,  welcome to today.  It’s Monday, so it’s Random Content Monday.  No much to say to today, but I’ll make sure you have some interesting things to distract yourself with.  Also, some stuff from some comments!  Let’s go to work.

My friend’s completely inspirational blog

Comment suggestion 1

Working retail?

Batman: The Brave and the Bold combines two of my favorite things EVER.

Besides our random content, I’d just like to say I wish I had maid bots, like from the The Jetsons.

I’ll blog you later,

GL Blumenshine






New lands, mostly. Well, kinda. Okay, new things happening in the same land as last week.

Hey there dear readers!  I just got my first comment for the blog.  How exciting.  It even had helpful advice and praise.  How inspiring. Thanks Ali!  And, last Wednesday, I had 20 whole readers. That was cool too.  Pretty exciting for  a blog written from my Mom’s couch while my two year old runs rampant around me. (I’ve trained him well.)

Another new idea of mine is that I’m choosing 30 randoms friends from FB this month and posting on their respective walls why I appreciate them.  I’m trying to get better at my being a mean loner thing (my wife hates it, and that bugs me.)  Last month, I cut out trolling.  Which was initially hard, but got very easy by the end.  I guess I’m becoming an adult.  Besides the fact that I’m aimless in school, design weird knitted things, only wear super hero t shirts and have absurdly high standards for the pants I wear.  Then I’ll stick, tape, glue, and knit those pants into a zombie state a hundred times before I give up on them.  But I like to think that all just makes me intriguing.

So, I still love input for the next Random Content Monday, so all you innumerable readers should post a link to your favorite time waster, or good cause.  I’ll throw what I get up Monday, and we’ll go from there.

Until the next today, and probably the last yesterday,

GL Blumenshine

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